Signature Style :: Summer Hair

You know it's been an exciting week when I have a Facebook update and a blog post about my hair. I asked my stylist that I wanted to channel my inner Zooey Deschanel. I think she delivered.

I got bangs. And new shoes. The Nordstrom sale is deadly this year. 
Shoes :: Louise et Cie via Nordstrom (ON SALE) // Jeans :: Joe's via Nordstrom // Top :: Modcloth // Ring :: Kate Spade // Earrings :: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's // Necklace :: Charlotte Russe // Necklace :: Kate Spade // Watch :: Fossil // Lipstick :: NARS 'Schiap' via Nordstrom (ON SALE) // Nail polish :: Butter London 'Fiver' via Nordstrom

I think it's safe to say that I am most definitely not a fashion blogger, though I have to say that I try!

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How to be Charming :: Summer Styling

I don't know if it's as hot by you, but it's been reaching the nineties around here lately. I've been living in this cool(ish) part of California's Central Coast for the past four years, so I'm not necessarily used to these high temperatures! That being said, I'm taking full advantage of summer styling these days. 

I remember the days of wearing far too little when I was a teenager, even in the middle of the spring. I can't tell you when I changed, but I haven't even worn a spaghetti strap dress in years. I don't want to say that I have rules for dressing in the summer, but I at least have some tips on how I TRY to stay charming while still staying cool. 
1 // Wear the appropriate underthings. 

I mean, I want to say obviously, but it's somewhat sad how often I see women my age with their bra straps hanging out. I know...to each their own, but this is definitely something that I try to be aware of when dressing for the day. And it's not just my bra that I consider either - if you're wearing tight bottoms, evaluate whether or not you want everyone to know exactly what you're wearing underneath. 

2 // Remember your toes. 

I mean, any excuse to get a pedicure, right?! I only wear sandals if I know that my toes are pretty enough to be seen. 

3 // Sun protection is always classy. 

I LOVE my sunhat. My mom thinks it's silly, but I will use any excuse to wear it. In my opinion, the sun is the perfect excuse to cover up a little bit more. There's just something so ladylike and different about a big sun hat - I love it. 

4 // Embrace feminine fabrics.

Nearly all the dresses I wear in the summertime are made of some super soft, feminine fabric. The first that come to mind are silk (obviously) and linen, but even seersucker (can't lie - I love it!) and chambray are favorites for the warmer months. Oh, and I'll take anything in a light fabric, like Georgette, with ruffles!

5 // Skirts are your best friend.

Let's be real - we all like to be cool down under. And while men may be able to strut around without their shirts (not that I'm complaining), women get far more options to stay cool in the summertime, in my opinion!


Summer Party Planning Pt. 3

Oh my goodness you guys, I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I had planning this party. It's truly an amazing thing to be friends with other creatives, who love the idea of planning a fun summer party just as much as you do! I'm so thankful for each and every one of them - for Daniele, who helped me plan and let us use her backyard, not to mention took the AMAZING photos of the party - for Amy, who turned the bougainvillea in Daniele's backyard into the most beautiful summer arrangement - and for Seasons Catering, for providing one of the most delicious meals EVER. Robert created an addicting watermelon mojito, which we polished off a little too quickly...

Really, this was a good one. 

I knew from the start that I wanted to use the bright colors and funky prints that Pier 1 has available for my party. It is summer, after all (if the temperatures didn't tip you off already), and I wanted everything to feel airy and fun. Daniele's pool and fireplace were the perfect backdrop, and it definitely wasn't difficult to dress it all up.

We ended up staying outside long after the sun went down, enjoying the fireplace and the lanterns and candles from Pier 1 (my favorite way to decorate). I don't know that I've ever had a more perfect start to my summer!
Photos :: Daniele Rose of Lavender and Twine // Florals :: Stella Bloom Designs // Food :: Seasons Catering

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Life, Lately :: How is it July?

Things have been busy. If you haven't guessed by the lack of posting in the past three weeks, things have been really busy. 

It's not just my blog that I've been absent from; I haven't really been around social media much lately either. It's a combination of busy (however much I hate that excuse) and just, well, lack of inspiration. So, here's a little bit of life, lately. 

1 // We moved. I know I've been somewhat vague on this point, but here it is - we've moved back in with my parents. Long story short, we needed to break the lease on our apartment so that we could move in time for Robert's internship to start. Our landlady, knowing our situation, let us know that someone was interested in moving into our apartment (thus letting us break our lease), but we would have only a week to move. We found out that we were moving on June 11. By June 18, we were saying goodbye to our first home together. 

It's been interesting, moving back. With the exception of summers home from college and a little less than a year after I graduated, I've lived on my own. Thankfully, my parents understand our situation, and it isn't completely like I'm a teenager all over again. But there are five adults living under one roof for the time being.

2 // It's wedding season. For the past few years, this has always been my excuse for a quieter summer around the blog parts, and this year is no different. Though I have fewer weddings this year than I have in the past, they seem to be much bigger and more complex than normal. This past weekend was particularly rough, and I'm very thankful to say that my clients are now married and that wedding is done with! I wasn't sure that I would survive the day, which ended up with my assistant in the emergency room (she's okay!), but I did. Barely. 

3 // Just, general anxiety. Those two things above, combined with other unavoidable circumstances, mean that my anxiety has kind of peaked. I will be honest and say that I've restarted my anxiety medication (I'm not ashamed), but it doesn't always help with highly stressful situations and events. I've found myself retreating in a lot of ways, when difficult clients arise or our financial situation becomes apparent. I'll be honest - between the move and work, I've lost my appetite and lost weight. Believe me, I'm trying. 

In good news, however, I have a publication date for the re-release of my book! I can't wait to share that with all of you!