{five things}

To say that I am exhausted right now is an understatement. I'm still battling a cold-slash-sinus-infection, and I had a photo shoot yesterday (follow me on Instagram to see a few sneak peeks) which was exhausing. I have a few meetings this weekend, but all I really want to do is stay in bed and watch Breaking Dawn part 2. Is that too much to ask? Sorry if I sound bitter, my anxious mind is just working in overdrive right now, and I'm kind of driving myself crazy. Story of my life...
Anyway, here are five things from the week that I'd like to share with you:

1 // That wedding above has to be my favorite of the past seven days. 

2 // I love Taylor Swift, you know that, but THIS made my week!

3 // Great tips on advertising your business on blogs. 

4 // Did you hear? Oh Joy is hiring! This sounds like an amazing job for someone based in LA!

5 // And a great article for those momzillas of the bride out there.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Joelle Duff :: Something Charming said...

I laughed so hard when I saw the Taylor/Goat music video. I love me some cute animals, and honestly, the person who put that video together is a genius. :)

Good luck with your mountains of things to do. I hope you get well and kick that sickness quickly too. Enjoy the weekend!

Joelle Duff :: Something Charming said...

Haha Robert suggested that someone put together a Trouble/Chewbacca video. I told him he needs to get on that...

Joelle Duff :: Something Charming said...

I LOVE that Taylor Swift video. So perfect.

xo Jill

Joelle Duff :: Something Charming said...

Oh man I would die to work for Oh Joy. She is my blog bible.