Untitled for Now

What happens when you are in the midst of some serious blogger's block, but your writer's block seems to have disappeared? You post something you've already written but have yet to share, of course.
“I’m not in danger!” she yelled. The ocean was silent and the highway was silent and the words ricocheted off of the hills behind us. She wrapped her arms around her torso, as if she were holding herself together. “I’m not in danger,” she said again, much more quietly this time. 

I swallowed. My heart hurt for this girl. She was so conflicted about all of it, that was obvious, but I didn’t even know what it was. “Please, just tell me what’s going on. Why are they after me? Who are you? Maybe I can help.” 

I could almost hear the thoughts churning in her head. It took a moment, but eventually she let go of herself and sat up straighter. She gazed straight ahead, to where the half-moon sat on the horizon. I could see the light reflecting in her eyes. 

“Please trust me,” she said, still looking out over the water. “I’m not in danger. I’ve never been in danger, ever. In my life. And though everyone sees me as this weak little girl, I can promise you that I’m much stronger than I look.”
- An untitled novel by Joelle Duff

I suppose it's safe to say that I'm just feeling inspired again.


Joelle Duff said...

Love your writing! Would love to see another book from you, id snatch it up so fast!

Joelle Duff said...

Keep it up. I can't wait to ready it when it's done :)

Joelle Duff said...

Great writing! I want to read more!!

Joelle Duff said...

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