How to be Charming :: Summer Styling

I don't know if it's as hot by you, but it's been reaching the nineties around here lately. I've been living in this cool(ish) part of California's Central Coast for the past four years, so I'm not necessarily used to these high temperatures! That being said, I'm taking full advantage of summer styling these days. 

I remember the days of wearing far too little when I was a teenager, even in the middle of the spring. I can't tell you when I changed, but I haven't even worn a spaghetti strap dress in years. I don't want to say that I have rules for dressing in the summer, but I at least have some tips on how I TRY to stay charming while still staying cool. 
1 // Wear the appropriate underthings. 

I mean, I want to say obviously, but it's somewhat sad how often I see women my age with their bra straps hanging out. I know...to each their own, but this is definitely something that I try to be aware of when dressing for the day. And it's not just my bra that I consider either - if you're wearing tight bottoms, evaluate whether or not you want everyone to know exactly what you're wearing underneath. 

2 // Remember your toes. 

I mean, any excuse to get a pedicure, right?! I only wear sandals if I know that my toes are pretty enough to be seen. 

3 // Sun protection is always classy. 

I LOVE my sunhat. My mom thinks it's silly, but I will use any excuse to wear it. In my opinion, the sun is the perfect excuse to cover up a little bit more. There's just something so ladylike and different about a big sun hat - I love it. 

4 // Embrace feminine fabrics.

Nearly all the dresses I wear in the summertime are made of some super soft, feminine fabric. The first that come to mind are silk (obviously) and linen, but even seersucker (can't lie - I love it!) and chambray are favorites for the warmer months. Oh, and I'll take anything in a light fabric, like Georgette, with ruffles!

5 // Skirts are your best friend.

Let's be real - we all like to be cool down under. And while men may be able to strut around without their shirts (not that I'm complaining), women get far more options to stay cool in the summertime, in my opinion!

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Joelle Duff said...

i love sun hats!!!!