Looking Back

On January 2, 2013, I shared my goals for the year. To say that 2013 was eventful is an understatement. It's kind of surreal for me to look back and evaluate how the year was objectively because it really was a roller coaster, like no year I've experienced before. 

Regardless, I always think it's important to look back on your goals; not to judge yourself, but to take pride in all that you've done, even if it isn't exactly what you had hoped for. 
A look back at my goals for 2013...

1 // FINISH MY BOOK. Well, I didn't finish it in 2013, but the first draft of my book is FINISHED. How crazy is that?

2 // MEET TAYLOR SWIFT. Unfortunately this didn't happen, but there's always 2014!

3 // EAT AT HOME 5 DAYS PER WEEK. Pretty much done and done.

4 // READ 52 BOOKS. Yup! I actually finished this one a few weeks early, and now I'm already working on my 75 books for this year!


6 // GO ON VACATION. San Diego and Las Vegas count, right?

7 // WORK 15 WEDDINGS. 2013 final count: 17 weddings.

8 // HIRE AN INTERN. And how I love her dearly now.

9 // WORK WITH A BLOGGER I ADMIRE. I didn't do much collaboration in 2013, but I'm really hoping to change that this year. 

10 // WORK WITH A BRAND I LOVE. See above. 

11 // COMPLETE TWO MAJOR PROJECTS. I think the problem with this one was that I just never specified what a "major project" was. We'll work on this one. 

12 // WRITE A WEDDING EBOOK. Nope, and I don't feel bad about it. 


Of course, I just have to say THANK YOU to all of you for supporting my crazy dreams and aspirations. I would have been able to finish any of these, if it weren't for you and your constant love. I am so thankful to have found this community of creative individuals to hold me up when I need it. I don't deserve any of you, but know that I appreciate you nonetheless. 

And I'll be back next week with my goals for 2014! I know, you're probably tired of reading posts like this, but I am a big fan of sharing goals and projects for accountability's sake. Love you all!


Joelle Duff said...

you had a great year and you should be proud of all of your accomplishments! xo

Joelle Duff said...

I love lists too. I love the feeling of ticking them off one by one and knowing you accomplished something. Am proud of you for exceeding the 15 weddings goal set. Such accomplishments make me smile. The knowing that you can actually exceed your own expectations is so inspiring.

Joelle Duff said...

I'm working on a list of 27 things I want to accomplish before I turn 27. I think writing out your aspirations and sharing them with the world is the best accountability to have! Good luck in 2014 :)