Guest Post: The Man Cave

So, I have a very special guest post to share with all of you today. As many of you know, I have a series on this blog about the beautiful yellow house that I'm going to live in someday, and all of the rooms in it. So far I've designed my dream kitchen, office, bedroom, bathroom/closet, and dining room. Today, my husband has graciously put together a post on his very own room in our house.

Anyway, without further adieu, I present the man cave.

*     *     *     *     *

Hello everybody! I am hijacking my beautiful wife’s blog today so that I can share with you the most important room of the house. Clearly, I am talking about the MAN CAVE. Now I’ve been reluctant to post this for 2 reasons. First, the man cave is a super secret space and of course no girls (okay, maybe one) are allowed. Second, I’m a huge dork, nerd, geek, etc. and my cave is a direct representation of that!

Did I mention that no girls are allowed? I have a pretty efficient method for preserving the masculinity of the cave.

Finger print scanner on the door handle.

If you know me at all, you know that I like to pretend like a bartender when I’m at home, so of course I need an awesome bar!

Hmmm… 5 chairs + 1 bartender… that’s six people. What else can I think of that takes six people?

BAM! I present to you, straight from my childhood, one of the best arcade games of all time. You are looking at the giant, double screen, six player X-Men arcade game. I’m drooling. Of course, I will need to round out the arcade section with a few other games too!

At this point, you may have gathered that I am a little bit of a video game fan. Okay, maybe a lot bit. Not just arcade games either. You might call me an equal opportunity gamer. Therefore, I will require a vast array of game consoles to choose from (and yes I can name all of these).

One of the interests I have that isn’t entirely nerdy would be the drums. I have been a drummer since about fifth grade and it has killed not live in a space where I can keep and play a drum set. So, when I get my man cave, there will definitely be a sexy DW drum set occupying one of the corners.

Finally, there comes a time when a man must get down to business. Therefore, a desk is necessary. Of course I will not have just any desk, though. What’s more man caveish than a cave desk?

All work and no play makes Robert a dull boy, so to ensure that I never act too productive, I will include this awesome monitor along with my uber-fast gaming computer.

It think that’s about it, everybody. Thank you so much for bearing with me as I corrupt Joelle’s beautiful blog ;). And thank you all so very much for supporting her. They say “happy wife means happy life” and I know that all of you out there are a huge source of happiness for her and for that I thank you.

*     *     *     *     *

Isn't my dear husband creative? He's just too funny...

And, contrary to his ideas that the masculinity in the room be preserved by excluding females from the space, my husband is not really sexist. I promise.

Hope you're all having a fantastic day friends!



Holley said...

the cave desk looks like something my husband would totally covet. I need that door handle in my house... haha.
Great fun post. I think man caves are important!!

JessRaquel said...

My boyfriend says through a few guitars in there and it will be the perfect man cave haha

Jessica said...

My fiance' just read that post over my shoulder. He thoroughly loved it! :)

Anonymous said...

very cute. apparently, i'm an electronics, recent wii-gamer and playstation3 player and a rockband girl. i told the bf that once we move in and get a place, there will be a media room for all of our electronic gadgets.

Beka said...

hah, cute.
definitely an interesting idea for anyone who's got a husband who's interested in guest posting! that'd be awesome to see from everybody... :)

Sarah said...

Oh, I may sound a little like a boy-geek now but I absolutely love that monitor & an uber-fast gaming computer! Hee. Confession time! I play some guyish games too. ;)

Totally enjoyed this post!

Shawn said...

A little extreme on the entry, but I do have to say that the computer and video game setup is pretty impressive.

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