My 101

If you don't know me well, or if you haven't been following my blog for long, you may not know that I'm a dreamer. I have spent the majority of my life thinking about my big ideas and all of the things that I want do and be. It wasn't until I began to put all of these dreams down on paper that I actually realized how much I could accomplish in this life.

That's where my list comes into play. I'm sure you've seen it, either here or on another blog: 101 things I want to do in 1001 days. The concept is so very simple, but can be lifechanging for someone like me; someone who dreams of fairy tales and happy endings. Because when you write all of these things down, when you truly put it out there, they just start to happen.

Think about it. How would you know that you've reached your goals if you didn't know what those goals were? It doesn't matter if you dream of being a doctor, or simply want to fall in love, write it down. Because there will be nothing more satisfying in life than when you can cross it off your list.

My big dreams in life are what keep me grounded now. I always have something to look forward too and something to work toward. And, as strange as it sounds, these things make me infinitely happier now than I ever have been in my life. I appreciate my life for what it is now, and look forward to what it could possibly be in the future.

But, the purpose of this post isn't to just tell you to dream big. I wanted to share with you a few of the items from my list, and tell you all why they are so important to me. Because while most of them seem small and insignificant, it's the little things in life that make us happy.

Number 5: Finish Writing a Book

I'm sure you all know by now how much I enjoy writing. But what you may not know is that writing is my creative outlet; my way of expressing all of the wonderful stories floating around in my head. I already told you that I'm a dreamer, and writing is my way of putting those dreams into reality. As cliche as it sounds, I don't necessarily write for others. I write because it's my way of experiencing so many of these impossible things I've imagined.
Number 52: Do Something I'm Afraid of

I'm afraid of everything. I'm afraid of sharks and the ocean. I'm afraid of my husband driving home late at night. I'm afraid of the dark and of needles and of being home alone.

I'm okay with being scared. I like to think that it keeps me practical. But that doesn't mean I should live my entire life in fear. So, it doesn't matter if I can check this one off because I donated blood {number seventy-nine} or went swimming in the ocean, as long as I do something that I'm afraid of. And if I'm still afraid after I do it, that's okay too. It's just the experience that's important.

Number 58: Write Down my Favorite Recipes from my Grandparents

I couldn't tell you how many times I've asked my grandpa how to make pancit or lumpia. Every time I've asked I get the same answer....just take some of this {no concrete measurements, of course} and a little of that and put it in there...

I'm sure any one in my family would tell you that they've gotten the exact same response from him as well. But I really don't want his cooking to be lost. Honestly, he doesn't use recipes and it tastes different every time, but I want to be able to give my own children a taste of my grandfather's cooking someday, even when he isn't around to make it for them. And when I'm gone, I want them to be able to pass it down to their kids. It doesn't matter if the measurements aren't perfect, as long as I can give my kids the same experiences that I was lucky enough to have growing up.

Number 88: Write a Letter to Someone I Admire

Obviously, I'm a fan of writing things down. I have found, relatively recently, that writing things down and sharing things with people are the best way to understand what you want in life, and to hold yourself accountable.

I have plenty of people that I admire whom I've never met, and I have no idea who I am going to write the letter to yet. But I think that just writing down the things that I look for in a person would force me to look for those qualities within myself.

*     *     *     *     *

So, that brings me to number 87: Have a Guest Blogger.

I've posted for other blogs before, and I've absolutely loved it. So, now I want to have some of my favorite bloggers post for me. And I think the theme of this very post would be wonderful to continue. So, I want to know what inspires your goals and how you plan on reaching them. Do you have a list like mine? Or do you just dream big and hope that someday it will all happen? {Sometimes, I do that too}

It would be an absolutely honor for me to have any one of you post for Where We Love is Home. If you're interested, feel free to send me an email at Joelle@Whereweloveishome.com. I can't wait to hear from you!

I hope you are all having an absolutely beautiful day.



Rachel said...

I'm a dreamer like you, and I definitely think I need to make one of these lists. I have so many ideas and plans in my head, it would probably help to put them down on paper!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

wow! this post is so very inspiring- i feel like i want to get up and go out into the world on an adventure, haha. i just found your blog and LOVE it (new follower!) please stop by mine! also i would love to do a guest blog, if you'd like :)

LCR said...

awesome! this is so so good- to have an open mind and shoot for the starts will make the fullest life for you! love this post. very inspiring.
And, if you need a guest blogger I would be honoured:)


Married In Chicago said...

I thinks this idea of 101 in 1001 is so inspirational! I've thought about doing the 101 in 1001, but honestly I think I've been scared. Scared of being honest with myself about what my goals are. And also, scared of dreaming big. So I find your courage truly amazing!

Beka said...

i love that picture at the end...goodness. a great reminder that dreams (and pretty much everything, right?) are a process...

Alisha said...

Your 101 list is fabulous, and I love that you've made it a goal to complete every single one of them! You are indeed inspiring.

I carry with me a journal everywhere I go. Any time something happens throughout the day that I want to remember, I write it down. That's where my dreams and goals are written too!

LOVED this post Joelle!

aj said...

I am in the same boat - I've been writing a book since I can remember, but as seasons change, so do my topics and I never finish.

Question - what are you gonna do that your afraid of? That's a toughie.

Great post!


Sarah said...

I am quite a dreamer myself too. And there are so many things I'd like to do but haven't gotten to writing 'em down like you did. Good idea though! I think this post was so beautifully written too. :) Have a lovely day, Joelle! xx

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

i love this post joelle! you have a lot of really great dreams (that are attainable!) its good to be reflective and actually write them down! h and i did our 5yr goal list last month :) it was fun. xoxo jcd

Jess said...

I love your 101 list!! I might have to hijack and few of the ideas for my own Life List! (if you dont mind)
I'm coming to you from comment love today!
Hope you have a fabulous Sunday!

Amanda said...

I subscribed to your blog via Mingle Monday today and this was the oldest post Google Reader imported so I thought I'd come say, those are great goals! I'm doing 101 in 1001 too, actually it's what my blog's pretty much about now (after some refocusing). Mine ends in September, and my last goal is to come up with another 101...which I'm excited about :)