Happy Hour

Happy Friday friends! I am writing this post from my couch early Friday morning. By early, I mean 1:52 a.m., though since my husband hasn't gone to bed yet, I suppose it's considered just really late Thursday night to some. I decided a few days ago that I needed Friday off, just as a "personal day", and it just so happens to coincide with the Royal Wedding. What a coincidence!

Anyway, I don't even want to think about drinks right now, since my stomach likes to church when I'm up early in the morning, and all I'm drinking right now is a glass of water. I'll keep you updated on what I decide for Happy Hour later.

Obviously, while watching this, I can't help but think of all the reasons why I {and the rest of the world, really} find this wedding so fascinating. She's going to be a princess! Isn't that pretty much every little girl's dream? {I'm sure many a feminist would argue with me on that statement, but I still think it's true}. She and William are the epitome of royalty, and that in itself is amazing.

But I can't imagine how much pressure they are under at this moment. I was married only a few months ago {nine months} and I still remember how sweet the day was. Sweet and terrifying and incredible and intimate. This royal wedding, regardless of the spectacle that we are making it, is still a wedding. Strip away all the titles and tiaras and money, and it's still just two people committing themselves to each other. That's the sweetest part of the day, to be sure. The dress doesn't matter; the honeymoon and the cake and everything else don't   matter,  as long as they say their vows.

Today isn't all about the wedding, however. I fully plan on getting a lot done, after I get my full night of sleep, of course. Writing, working on the blog, cleaning...sounds like an exciting day, doesn't it? This past week was long and drawn out....all I need is a day to myself.

It was my brother's birthday yesterday, so he is coming up to celebrate with Robert and I tomorrow. We are going to watch the UFC fight {not my choice, but fun nonetheless} in downtown on Saturday night. Other than that, we have no plans, which I'm very excited about. This weekend is going to be lazy and fun and hopefully very, very, looooooong.

It's almost three o'clock California time, which means it's almost time for Kate {or Catherine, as they are calling her now} to walk to down the aisle, so it's time for me to go. Before I do, however, here are a few links to share with you this fabulous Friday.

Want to get a first-hand account of what it might be like to be in London right now? Follow one of my favorite bloggers, Aspiring Kennedy

I *lurve* this. 

Fantastic article on how to be extraordinary!

Wedding of the week.

Be sure to link up below, and keep an eye out later today for my Friday's Fancies!

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We do happy hour all day on Fridays. Because it's five o'clock somewhere, right?

What are you drinking today?

Happy Hour is my weekly blog party, where we get to meet new friends, find new blogs to read, and destress from our week.  We're all busy ladies and sometimes we just need to get out with some friends, chat, and have a drink.

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Becky said...

Enjoy the wedding and your day off! :)

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

happy belated birthday to your brother! i hope you have a good weekend and enjoy your day off (i usually clean and blog on my days off too!) xoxo jillian

Married In Chicago said...

yay! I look forward to this every friday! I thought Kate looked absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to catch up on all the footage that I missed.

Kamika said...

Im a feminist and Im not arguing with you! ;) A gal can be a princess and still kick some ass!

Alisha said...

Great links chica! Have fun with your brother. Happy birthday to him :)

Can't get enough footage of the royal wedding! Love it. I'm a sucker for fairy tales hehe.

Happy Friday, love!


Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

I've been all over the wedding coverage! :-) love it!

COming over (late!) from the SITS comment hour.

Julie {love, julie} said...

Love happy hour fridays!!

Casey said...

Thanks for hosting, as usual!

I visited Cashmere & Candy and The Scarlet Cardinal!