Weekend Confessions

Yesterday I woke up before my husband and went into the living room to watch some TV. Usually I turn on VH1 and watch music videos {yes, they still have those}, but on the way to the station I had to pass by the Disney Channel. There was a show for kids on, and I stopped to watch.

Not because I thought it was interesting.

I was just imagining what it would be like to have a baby of my own to watch it with.

{Don't worry, I'm not pregnant. Just hormonal.}

*     *     *     *     *

I didn't go to the movies to see Scream. I was too busy sitting on my lazy butt doing nothing.

*     *     *     *     *

I just discovered Pinterest today. It's kind of amazing.

I also realized that I'm kind of obsessed with bows. And pink, but that's not news.

*     *     *     *     *

This weekend I learned that making risotto isn't so hard.

I learned that absinthe is really disgusting and gives you a nasty stomachache hangover.

I learned that Stumble Upon can magically make hours of your time disappear {told you I was lazy this weekend}.

And I learned that hearing your husband tell you your beautiful never gets old.

Love you. 


JessRaquel said...

That music video = awesome

Jenna said...

I love pinterest! - I think I spent like five hours on it yesterday haha.

Weekends spent doing absolutely nothing are always the best :)


andrea n. townsend said...

I love that you were a hardass and even TRIED absinthe. Daaaamn! But seriously, I love that these confessions range from silly to sweet, but please oh-please tell me what is Pintrest?

aj said...

Hahaha, yes, absinthe will do that. I remember tasting it for DAYS afterwards.

Happy Monday!


Sarah E. said...

Absinthe is so disgusting! :X

Stumble Upon, however, is straight up amazing!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

oo i love pinterest. and bows. :)
and absinthe is the worst. i brought it home from paris after i studied abroad there for a month as a present for my friends... we were all SO excited. and then sick. ah well.
happy monday lady! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

sunshine said...

just visiting from Mingle Monday, nice blog... looks like you had quite an amusing weekend!

Laura Wynn said...

Hey! I'm visiting from mingle monday-love your list! I love pinterest too! So inspiring! Have a great Monday!

Melissa {TheScarletCardinal} said...

Stumble Upon and risotto are two of the greatest things EVER! I also love your pinterest board with pink bows. Totally swooning over here!

Michelle said...

HAHA love that music video! I love pinterest too! It's so much fun!! Happy Monday!

Visiting from Mingling Monday! Have a great day!


Michelle said...

Found you through Mingle Monday! I have not yet been to Pinterest...I've heard it is magical! I am going right now to check it out. Some of my friends were telling me to check it out for wedding inspiration! And you are right...hearing that you are beautiful never gets old! Have a good Monday!

Amanda said...

Another Mingle Monday visitor! :) I was super lazy this weekend too...sometimes it's just necessary!

Elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

I found your from Mingle Monday. Sounds like a very relaxing weekend, I love those. I am also a huge fan of pinterest...it always manages to entertain me for hours. Have a lovely week!

Alisha said...

I just recently learned about Pinterest too! It's so much fun (aka addicting). Husbands are great, aren't they?!

Love lazy weekends. Love.


Heidi said...

You are the second person today who's mentioned Pinterest and I just checked it out and had to leave because I cannot afford to go down the rabbit hole and lose five hours of my day!

Maybe tonight. :)

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

I love weekends like that...and i love Pinterest too!

Anonymous said...

absinthe is awful and i don't care how hot the guy who wants you to drink it with him! bllecccchhhh!!! anyone who tells someone they're beautiful should never go out of style! yay for the hubs who appreciates you!

allenaim photography and design said...

ph pinterest...you are taking over the world... :)

Just Jinny said...

I keep seeing pinterest mentioned here and there but I don't know what it is..and have yet to check it out. HHmmm...

And some of those shows on Disney are not something I'd want my kid watching. Those kids can be sassy-pants! Miley..hello. Salena...HELLO? Sassy mouths!

Oh wait..I grew up watching Saved By the Bell...er...kind of sassy mouthed...never mind!

LCR said...

sounds like you had some awesome discoveries this weekend:) so glad.

Beka said...

i have only clicked on pinterest once or twice, as i have a few other vices online that i'm too addicted to... heh.

i love the list!

ah, risotto! i know; i realized it isn't hard to make a little while ago, also. i think it was an episode i saw of jamie oliver cooking. oh yum. :)

CannyCole said...

Just found your blog over from My happily ever after! Supppppper cute!! Loooove it so far. Check out my blog if you have a chance:


:) Have a great day!!

Married In Chicago said...

Ahaha. That video is great!!! I'm going to play that over and over again and dance around my apartment to it once finals are over!

Also - love pininterest! Let's be friends on there! I'm Alisha @ Married in Chicago.

Katie said...

Can I say.. I have a secret crush on Bruno Mars.. it's definitely the voice, haha!