{sponsor spotlight and giveaway: the find sac}

I am SO excited to say that I'm finally getting closer to a blog design that I actually like. If you're reading this in a reader, I'd really appreciate it if you'd hop over to view it in your browser and let me know what you think. Too simple? I'm just having such a problem these days!

Anyway, I have a great shop and giveaway for all of you today! The Find Sac is an Etsy shop, where you can find eco baby and wedding pieces! They have some really adorable things, like wedding invitations, ceremony programs, and beautiful rose garlands. 

To make things better, Kathleen from the Find Sac is giving one reader a beautiful felt rose garland, valued at $28, and perfect for your wedding! 

She's also offering a 15% discount off your entire purchase, just enter "somethingcharming" in at checkout. Good luck!

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Joelle :: Something Charming said...

I think your blog design is beautiful. It always has been, if am honest!Just trust yourself a little more!Have a beautiful day!

Joelle :: Something Charming said...

I love the design! The colors are gorgeous together...If you feel like something is still missing, one thing I always try at least once is mixing fonts. Maybe if you tried "weddings and inspiration" in a simple, straightforward typeface, it would give you that last bit of contrast and interest you crave!

Joelle :: Something Charming said...

Thanks Carrie! I feel like I really was just missing that third color, but the gray-blue looks good with the gray and pink, I think! And that's a good suggestion about the font, I'll play around with it this weekend and see what I come up with :)

Joelle :: Something Charming said...

Haha thanks lady! I've always liked it too, I'm just so indecisive that I knew something was missing. I'm finally getting there though ;) xoxo

Joelle :: Something Charming said...

wow that stuff is amazing!!!!! gorgeous design and typography

Joelle :: Something Charming said...

I think the new design is great. I'm a fan of clean layouts and grey fonts too. I also like the header links. It's user friendly. And I think the blue and pink are perfect colors considering what your website is about.