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I would say happy weekend, like I normally do on Fridays, but is anyone else just feeling...blahh these days? I just said on Twitter, maybe it's the time of the year. I am most definitely ready for hot days and BBQing and margaritas and listening to kids yell by the pool. Is it summer yet?

It's Mother's Day this weekend, which means that we'll be making the drive down to Orange County to spend the weekend with our families. I had to schedule a few meetings tomorrow though, so it'll be another long day of driving and work for me. It's fine though. That just means I get to take a day off next week!
The Nordstrom at the Brea Mall has a little flower shop right outside, and I just fell in love with the gorgeous tulips and anemones they had there. They sell by the bloom and do floral arrangements right there. What a sweet idea!

As always, here are a few links that I wanted to share with all of you on this beautiful Friday.

1 // I'm sure you've heard the controversy over Abercrombie & Fitch by now. Here's a less emotional and more analytical view of the business side of things. 

2 // You know you're getting old(er) when...

3 // My calligraphy was featured in a gorgeous wedding on Once Wed this week!

4 // One of my favorite caterers (and good friends) is hoping to get some capital so they can bring their sauces to market. Will you vote?

5 // My favorite bouquet of the week. 


Joelle Duff said...

That bouquet is goregous. Very California. I am alarmed by how many of that getting older list I agreed with. It's frightening actually. And I totally agree with the A&F post. Always be kind. No matter what business you are in, or even if you don't work.. always be kind. It is practically a law to being human. But many people don't see it that way.

Joelle Duff said...

Thank you times a million for posting the link to Sage Wedding Pros! I actually hadn't heard about the A&F thing, so that grabbed me. It doesn't surprise me to hear that, but is kind of dumb. Anyway, back to the point. That link came just at the right time--I'm working on wedding planning business stuff right now! I'm definitely going to poke around their website. Thanks! Have a fantastic weekend, Joelle!

Joelle Duff said...

Abercrombie & Fitch makes me ashamed of working there in the past! I hate it when companies only target certain types of people.