Weekend Confessions

Robert and I started watching Lost on Netflix this weekend. We watched four episodes on Saturday night and three episodes last night.

I wanted to start Grey's Anatomy, but Lost was the winner. I have no idea why Robert wouldn't want to watch {almost} the entire series of Grey's Anatomy with me. No idea at all...

We had to have a conversation before watching the first episode. It was about commitment. Kind of like starting a new relationship.

Yeah, it's pretty serious.

*     *     *     *     *

I had my very first meeting with my very first client this weekend. I'm going to be her day-of coordinator for her wedding in three weeks and I'm very excited. 

But if anyone has any suggestions on how to find work without using Craigslist, please let me know. Oh, and if you have an idea on how to actually make money from an endeavor such as this, it would be greatly appreciated. Since, you know, I'm not charging her anything...

Hey, I have to start somewhere.

*     *     *     *     *

I went shopping on Saturday for my Summer Must Haves swap from Krysten at After I Do. I already got a package from my partner {I'm linking up with Krysten on the 24th, so you'll see what I got then}, so I feel kind of bad that I couldn't go shopping until this weekend. But now I have a few fun things, and they are sitting in a box in my car waiting to get shipped.

Oh, and I also picked up the same stuff for one of my fabulous readers. Remember that giveaway series that I wrote about a few weeks ago? Yeah, this is the first giveaway in that series.

I think I'm going to call it my "Monthly Must Haves."

I know. So original.

But come back on Wednesday for my June Must Haves. It will be awesome, promise.

Be excited.

*     *     *     *     *

This weekend I learned that potato chips in ice cream is actually pretty delicious. Thank you Jimmy Fallon for that revelation.

I learned that I really need to stop waiting three months in between eye brow waxes. I was starting to get a unibrow. It wasn't pretty.

And I learned that I should probably always have an extra box of dryer sheets. Just in case our linen closet decides to hide them from us, of course.

*     *     *     *     *

Hope you had a good weekend friends. And good luck today. It's Monday, so you're obviously going to need it. 


Robin said...

lost if very addicting!

Chelsea said...

oh my gosh.. that sounds so delish right about now!!

i'm embarrassed to say i've never seen a Lost episode! i need to get with the program.

Sarah said...

totally enjoyed this post. there's so many lovely things and hmm, guess i'll have to start about the wedding. i've always been big about weddings! eep, so exciting. :) you must be totally stoked, joelle!

i've never tried potato chips in ice cream. perhaps the closest was fries and ice cream? that was amazing. i'll have to try this one out.

hope you're having a lovely monday! x

Holley said...

My husband and I got into Lost on Netflix a couple months ago and have absolutely devoured it. We are on season 5 (episode 4) now, and I've really enjoyed it. Part of me wonders how I missed watching it when it was live. However, at the same time, like you we watch multiple episodes in a row. So I'm glad for that option, as well as the lack of commercials. :)
I LOVE Grey's Anatomy. Izzie is my favorite character. Now, as in current time, she isnt on the show any more and it makes me sad. :( I think I might go back and watch it from the beginning again.
Can I also recommend Veronica Mars? more for you than your husband. It's a totally awesome show and made me fall in love with Kristen Bell. <3

Andrea said...

You're going to love Lost! Check out Lostpedia as you're getting in to it. It shows you all of the hidden meanings in each episode.

Leila {Emerald City Girl} said...

Lost was a great show but Season Two was difficult to get through. Stick with it though, I think you'll enjoy it.

Found your beautiful blog via Mingle Monday :)

Emerald City Girl ♥

Jenna said...

Totally understand about the committment talk before starting a series - it's a very serious decision! haha Jurgen and I are in the middle of How I Met Your Mother now.

And congrats on your first client... I also got mine last week :) Such a great feeling!


KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

I think you are really going to like LOST, especially when you don't have to wait months and months for a new season to start!

We've started watching Weeds and are almost caught up with Mad Men. One of our criteria this time around was whether we could get the whole series on Netflix Instant or not. Getting one disc at a time in the mail for 4 seasons of Mad Men has been painful!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

im pretty excited about these upcoming giveways :) h watched all of the seasons of LOST and loved them--although now he refuses to fly to an island! i only got through the first one and decided i couldnt commit to renting and watching the rest of it. ah well ;) happy monday lady! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Lindsay said...

Your blog is adorable! I'm a new follower from mingle monday :)

CarrieJo said...

wow chips in ice cream...sweet and salty! in high school we used to dip wendy's fries in the frosty!

Susan said...

Oh boy- I spent most of last summer watching all of LOST! Love it. Obsessed. :)

Also, good lucky with your new client!

Jenny said...

Good luck with Lost! you will get frustrated! haha. I love it though.

The Sweet Life said...

Stopping by from mingle monday. Love your blog.

JessRaquel said...

I'm one of the few that just can't get into Lost. I tried, believe me. Just wasn't my cup of tea. Excited to see what you have lined up for your Monthly Must Haves!

Jenny said...

I need to sit down and catch up with LOST I think I've only seen maybe... 4 episodes in all of that show? I already know the ending though but I still wanna watch it all :P

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I've seen an episode or two of Lost but the boyfie and I are really addicted to Chuck and Vampire Diaries. We could watch either of those for the whole day. =)