Happy Hour

Happy Friday my dear, dear friends! I hope you all had an absolutely beautiful week, and I hope that you all have a fabulous weekend as well! It’s Friday, which means that it’s {obviously} time for some yummy drinks. What are you all drinking tonight?

Wednesday was my best friend’s birthday, so we are celebrating with dinner, drinks, and some delicious banana split cupcakes. Banana is her favorite, so my husband has come up with a banana birthday cocktail for her. 

This weekend we are heading down to OC for a very full weekend, full of friends, family, and lots of food. We are coming back for the fourth and grilling some steaks, just for the two of us {and maybe a little bit for our Olive}, but no fireworks. We don’t want to leave the little one all on her own. 

But someday I’ll have a backyard, and lots of kids to fill it.  When that day comes, we’ll have our very own party for the fourth, and this is what we’ll do. 

Red, white, and blue Jell-O shots? Yes please!

Until then, I can at least dress up for a backyard BBQ.  

{all images via Pinterest}

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We do happy hour all day on Fridays. Because it's five o'clock somewhere, right?

What are you drinking today?

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jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

i love that dress! have a fun weekend :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Trish said...

i hope you have a great 4th! grilling steaks with just the hubby sounds romantic! i'm sure you two will make your own fireworks!

Stephanie said...

I love the necklace and wedges!

Emily Marie said...

Fun idea for the happy hour! And, love your Friday's Fancies post. Have a great weekend!

Carrie said...

YAY! I can't wait for all of the banana goodness coming my way tonight! =) See you soon! xoxo

Betty said...

That Banana Margarita looks fabulous!! Enjoy!

aj said...

I would loovveeee those decorations!!!!



Becky said...

It's my anniversary so I'll be drinking some nice wine and probably a chocolate martini. Wish I had some red white and blue jello shots though! :)

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

that banana margarita DOES look good. plus, i've never met a margarita i didn't like.

have a good weekend and don't get stuck on the 405!

Alisha said...

Is it sad that the thing I'm most excited about in this post is the steaks you'll be grilling when you get back home?! Guess that means it's time for dinner ;)

Hope you have a wonderful long weekend, my dear!

Anonymous said...

That is one smoking hot outfit I wish I had. But I'd probably have nowhere to wear it. None of my friends ever get that dressed up unless they're going to a wedding, and I haven't been invited to any weddings recently. Well, I kind of have, I just haven't gotten the invitation yet. Lol.