A Wedding.

I had my first wedding on Saturday. I was the day-of coordinator.

The ceremony {and reception} were outside.

It rained. A lot.

The groom didn't pick up the appetizers from Costco like he was supposed to. Or write his vows.

The bartender got sick the day before.

And they brought the wrong color tablecloths.


The bride was beautiful.

The food was good.

The drinks were strong.

And a couple in love got married.

For a few months now, I've been serious about getting into event coordination. My true life goal is to be a published author, but I know that writing isn't always a sensible career choice, so I need a back up plan. And this is it.

I never really knew if I could actually do it. Now I do.

The wedding was tough. I have blisters the size of Texas on my feet, and I had to miss the ceremony so that I could go to the grocery store and buy as many veggie and fruit platters that I could find. I got to the reception site {the bride's parents' backyard} four hours early so that I could {literally} set everything up. I had to desperately call for canopies so that the DJ and Photo booth would at least be covered. And I had to put together eighty plastic champagne glasses, half of which broke apart or didn't fit together, and pass them out to the guests.

But I loved every second of it. I loved being there for the bride and groom, knowing that they felt calmer because I was there. I loved answering all the questions. I loved even more that I knew all of the answers. I loved realizing that I really do know more about weddings than the average person. All of these things gave me the confidence and motivation to keep going, even if my fingers were turning purple from opening champagne bottles in the rain.

As cheesy as it sounds, this weekend has been life-changing. I now know that I can do this, that I have a future in the wedding industry.

And to know that I get to spend my life watching couples in love say "I do" makes me happier than I ever thought possible.

I know that I've been kind of MIA these past few days, but I like to think that I have an excuse. I promise I'll get back in the swing of things soon, and I'm so excited that I get to share this journey with all of you.

Love you.


Robin @ our semi organic life said...

hey congrats! My BFF is in that industry and I know how hard it can be! I've been a assistant wedding photographer and felt like I did your job since they didn't have a DOC. I had to keep everyone on time, tell them when to walk, where to go, arrange rides, entrances, who should hold what when, how to cut the cake, do speaches etc. I know it's so exhausting at the end of the day!

Holly said...

I'm sincerely jealous and excited for you at the same time!!! I have always wanted to be an event planner, and this post is just great :) How did you even get involved with it? Do you work somewhere that does event planning? I'd love to know how to get started. And I'm glad you had a good time :)

Courtney said...

congrats on your first job! my good friend is in the same boat as you and is trying to launch her wedding planning career. it sounds like such a fun career but hardwork for sure. best of luck to you and to many more weddings :)

Kristina said...

Congratulations!! This is super exciting! Ever since I got married, I love planning it and organizing it so much - I have put some serious thought about doing this - but I honestly didn't know exactly where to start or what to charge! If you have any input, advice or pointers - please let me know!

Liv Szari said...

Ah, that's exactly what my mom and I are thinking of doing! We just got done planning my sister's wedding (happened on Friday) and are thinking "what to do now!?" With my wedding and my sister's wedding over, and being so amazing...we're thinking we need to go into this business!! Even though there were some bumps through the day, sounds like you had fun!! =)

beka said...

joelle, that's awesome!
it sounds like an exciting, growing experience.
i love when first-time things teach you that you can do this.
it sounds like it was beautiful in the end!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

joelle i am SO happy for you!! congrats on your first successful event! i am sure you were a lifesaver for the bride and groom. and now you should DEFIANTLY start charging girl! anyways so glad you're doing what you love and taking that leap. xo jillian:: enter to win a $100 shopping spree!

Holly said...

Also, I just gave you the Versatile Blogger award :) Take a look and pass it on!


Kaitlin Godfrey said...

That is so awesome!! My dream is to be a wedding planner. How did you end up doing this??

KellyMichelle said...

That sounds like so much fun! I am dying to be a wedding coordinator. I just wanted to stop by and tell you that you won the versatile award at my blog today so feel free to stop by and pick it up if you want! :)

Alisha said...

Goodness girl, sounds like one crazy weekend for you. But congrats on your first wedding! That's so awesome :) And now you're able to put this down in the books and remember things to do for the next!


Jenna said...

This post makes me SO happy! That is awesome and I'm so glad you found something that is perfect for you!

My cousin is in the wedding and event planning industry and recently started working at a large event company in LA - if you want I'm sure that you could assist them with weddings to get more experience. I know that they're in the process of looking for interns now with the potential of hiring people on at a later stage :) Just let me know!


Eschelle said...

omg you're just like me, loves the writing, uses that as a main goal BUT loves to plan a party!!! heehee i'm currently running around every couple months planning kids parties with complete themes for a few ppl i know. I really really love it! Glad you found something you like doing to!

beka said...

p.s. i gave you an award, if you want to come by:)


Anonymous said...

congrats on the first wedding. i helped at a friend's sister's wedding a few years ago and we ended up running out of lemonade and iced tea at the reception. talk about stressful. running through a grocery store in a dress and heels trying to find the most lemonade mix possible was a daunting task.
here's to more (less stressful!) weddings for you! :-)

Heidi Lyn said...

Congrats on finding something you love to do, where hours of toil and sweat feel oh-so-worth-it in the end. That, my dear, is quite an accomplishment in and of itself.

Maggie said...

a big congrats - how exciting to have found something you love to do! i think it takes a really special person to be a wedding coordinator (i know i would pull my hair out!) and i definitely think you'll rock it.


Maggie said...

ps: i'm still in love with your blog layout. i know i've told you that before, but i love love love it! and again...if you need a side business, i'd be your first customer ;)

KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

Glad to hear the wedding went well even if there were a few hiccups--the bride and groom were lucky to have you there to make their wedding day great :)

Amanda said...

I give you so much credit! I think it sounds like a full out success! Congrats :)