{Virtual Coffee}

Paging Dr. House.

It's Tuesday, and if we were actually having coffee today, I would tell you how much I wish Dr. House were real. He would be able to fix me.

My stomach hurts.

My legs hurt.

My joints hurt.

Other parts of me that are inappropriate to talk about hurt.

And I'm So.



My doctor can't figure out what's wrong with me. My specialist can't figure out what's wrong with me. And since Dr. House isn't actually a doctor {just a very good looking Brit with a charming British accent}, I'll have to settle for the next best thing.


Seems a bit intense, but I'll go for it. If they can help me. Which I desperately hope they can. I'll keep you posted.

If we were actually having coffee this morning, I would tell you that I'm getting kind of overwhelmed with this little blog here. Don't get me wrong, I love this blog. Like love it. A lot. But I never imagined that I would ever get so many followers, or that so many people would ask me to guest post or look at their blogs. It's overwhelming, especially when I work full time and am trying to start my own business. That being said, I'll also tell you that I try {honestly, I try very, very hard} to respond to each of your comments and to visit your own blogs. But it's impossible. I'm just not that talented.

But I appreciate you. I promise I do. This blog is a very bright spot in my life, one that makes me so happy that it's difficult to explain. My life is good right now, actually good, and I like to think that this blog has something to do with it.

If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you how much I want to establish a routine at home. I want to wash my linens on Mondays and iron on Wednesdays and go grocery shopping on Sundays. But with this whole sickness, and unexplainable exhaustion {no, I'm not pregnant, even though I'm going to bed at nine and getting up at 6:30}, all I want to do when I get home from work is lie in bed with my pup and watch Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives {I'm obsessed}.

Domesticity is a process. I just need to remember that.

But with this whole "domestic plan," I've gotten my very first product to review. It's an organizational tool, one that is extremely comprehensive {and a bit overwhelming}, so I'm still in the process of using it for myself. But as soon as I realize it's full potential, I am ready and willing to share it with all of you.

Someday, we'll actually have coffee together. I mean, if you live in the greater LA {Ventura} area, email me and maybe we can meet up sometime! Until then, feel free to visit Miss Amy's blog and get some Virtual Coffee for yourself.

Love you all.


aj said...

Okay, personal question, but have you gotten your blood work done?

I had a similar experience twice: the first time took months to figure it out - I'm hypoglycemic AND anemic. The second time - appendicitis. Both times, I had to force them to look for EVERYTHING in my blood work, and they randomly found it.

Good luck!! And FEEL BETTER!

<3 aj

christi @ burlap and basil said...

hi! visiting for coffee. you are in good hands at ucla. may i ask what kind of doctor you are seeing? i have fibromyalgia and my mom has lupus {and i work for the lupus foundation}. i am NOT a doctor but it sounds like you might have an autoimmune issue {the pain, i was reading an nodding the whole time - i know what that feels like!}. also have a complete blood panel run so they can check your thyroid, etc. sending you some hugs and i hope you find some relief.

Carly Anne said...

Have they ruled out a thyroid disorder of some kind? I have hyperthyrodism and get similar symptoms when it's untreated.

Chronic fatigue is so rough, many times more emotionally than physically. I hear you re: wanting to get on a domestic schedule... But I think we full-time working gals have to cut ourselves a break here and there. I mean, if it were MY JOB to keep the house immaculate, it would always be immaculate. But that's not my job yet. So I have to calm down about it. : p

KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

I hope you feel better Joelle and they find out what's going on! I imagine not knowing must also be adding to your stress level :(

Hang tough girl!

Bon Bon said...

First things first, take care of yourself:-) Sounds like life is going for you right now! Oh life. xoxo

Elisa Black said...

Hi Joelle-- visiting for coffee today. I'm so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. It must be very frustrating not to have a "diagnosis" as well. One thought that ran through my mind is a possible undetected tick-borne illness (like Lyme or some of the other newer ones that are emerging)-- it's become more and more common hear in the New England area. But some of the other things people pointed out sound valid, too-- fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (which apparently doesn't have its own test or diagnosis-- its basically given if everything else is ruled out). I hope that you find some relief soon. In the meantime, take care of and be good to yourself--do what you need to do for now, not what you want or think you should be doing. Husgs!

Courtney said...

joelle i am so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. i know how that can be and it's beyond frustrating waiting for an answers. a big hospital like ucla does sound intimidating but when you aren't feeling well it's better to get the help you need now than suffer. and they have really amazing specialists. amazing.
also, you are amazing at responding to comments. i appreciate it and don't expect it at all. your blog is something fun and cute to read and us girls love that sort of stuff :)

and lastly. sometimes I wonder what guy ferieri eats at home. my friend put in custom cabinets at his room in Northern California and he said guy has a full fridge stocked 100% with PBR. beer and burgers all the time!?

ok that's enough, get well soon!!

Claire said...

bless you :) some good advice from the other comments... i'd just suggest a short blog rest/sabbatical - esp. until you get to the bottom of your health issues... people will understand... take care of yourself, my love :)

Mish said...

Hi Joelle,

I agree with some of the above comments; unfortunately it does sound like you have an auto immune disease. Or some food allergies.

I too go to bed at 9 and wake up at 6:30... and still I am falling asleep mid day, sometimes as early at 11am. Sometimes I seriously almost pass out on my commute home. What I did, knowing this is not attributed to my own autoimmune disease, is I got my sleep tested - so i went to a sleep clinic and they hooked me up to stuff and watched me sleep! i just got the results yesterday - and it is quite weird all they can see from it.

Another thing to look into is a new allergy test (blood work) called the "Alcat test" www.alcat.com.

I am getting this done this week. What this is is a VERY detailed food sensitivity test. So you get it done, meet with the doctor, then an Alcat nutritionist for an hour, and you get like this whole packet! It's pretty cool. It has almost every food listed and has categories. "eat this every day" "eat this every 4 days" "eat this every 3 months", etc. Pretty much - those I know who have stuck to the plan have all had AMAZING results!

Sometimes food can affect us in other ways we never thought. So this may be something you'd like to look into. When i get my results back and start following the plan, I will be sure to update you on how its working! :)

Sorry so long!


Jenna said...

Ahhh I'm so sorry you're not feeling well, it's so frustrating not knowing what's going on with your body.

I think I told you earlier that I was having some similar stomach issues and felt exhausted constantly. After many tests it seems that I'm anemic AND have IBS - shitty, but I've been much more awake since I've started taking an iron and potassium supplement and some of my stomach issues have toned down since I started following a specific diet and taking prebiotics.

Hope they figure out what's going on with you soon lady!


Anna Walker said...

You're going to be okay! Seriously! I know the blog gets so overwhelming sometimes, maybe you should have OTHERS guest post for YOU and your blog? Dr. House wouldn't just make you better, but you'd also get a heavy does of sarcasm as well!

PS I live in SF Valley! Not too far! :)


redheadreverie said...

Sorry you are feeling so crummy. That sticks...hopefully you will some answers soon.

As for the blog, well I feel the same way some days. But you know what as followers and fellow bloggers we get it. You do actually have a life other than the blog, so don't stress and just do the best you can.

Smile, and have a Fabulous weekend you deserve it.