My Wine Weekend

Robert and I took a wine making class on Saturday at a local winery. My friend had given me two classes for my birthday, and we had such a good time! I love that there is a full winery only a few miles from my home, and that buying from them supports local {not to mention delicious} wines.
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via Camarillo Custom Crush Winery
Do any of you have a favorite winery or tasting room near you that has local wines to enjoy? I would love to hear about them!


Haley{PairsandPours} said...

love this! check out my latest wine post :)

Rebekah said...

This is so fun. What a neat oppurtunity! I've been to Napa twice and I'm hoping to try out a few new winery's that friends have suggested the next time we go!

Rebecca said...

Coming from England, there aren't many wineries. Oh they exist, but mainly on very small scales in the extreme south, and aside from these most of our alcohol producing establishments are breweries for ale (we have a great real ale culture here). The North East, from where I come, is probably an exception to the rule, as we are home to the historic Lindisfarne Winery on Holy Island which dates back to medieval times when the monks on the island woud brew their own special brew of Mead (unlike many other meads and honey wines around today, the Lindisfarne mead is brewed with various herbs too). Nowadays though it also produces various delicious varieties of fruit wines and liqueurs. It's a fascinating place to visit and even if you're not into your history their products alone make you leave with a big, slightly tipsy grin on your face!

Sarah said...

That looks so good! I wish I could go wine tasting!

Lisa said...

looks yummy, i love going to wine tasting!