No More Love Letters

I read this article recently and it made me sad. I love technology, but it’s starting to destroy the little things in life that I hold so very close to my heart. It may not seem like a big deal, but it’s true.

I love handwriting. I love practicing my handwriting. I usually write most things out by hand before I type them into the computer. I have about eight different styles of handwriting {not even kidding} and can imitate both my mom and my aunt’s writing almost identically. I love my handwriting.

If you read that article, you would know that Indiana is only the most recent state to take out cursive writing from the state education standards, and replace it instead with typing. But if I can master both handwriting and typing {I tested at 84 words per minute, no errors}, why do we have to pick and choose?

I’ve actually read a few articles recently about this declining form of art, including this one from CNN. I loved this quote from the article:

“Will younger generations not know the powerful emotions that come from receiving a handwritten love letter that describes all the love someone else feels for you? What about the fear and courage that comes from writing your first love letter that contains all the love you feel for someone else?”

I still have the very first love letter I received from my husband, tucked away in a pink keepsake box. His writing is atrocious {even he admits this}, but there is something so sweet about getting a handwritten letter from someone, declaring their love for you. I’m terrified that this quote is true; that eventually, nobody will know what joy comes with getting a letter in the mail. Email has already taken over snail mail so much that there is debate that the USPS should just shut it’s doors for good.

If we did that, my ambitions to formally learn calligraphy would become obsolete and unnecessary. And that is devastating to me.

But I swear that my children will know how to write more than just their name, even if I have to teach them myself. Because computers just don’t even compare to the real thing.

Maybe I should get my handwriting made into a font though, just to be safe.

What do you think? Is handwriting obsolete? Or should we fight to keep it relevant?


Erin said...

What a shame that they are even considering this! You're absolutely right, there is a different meaning to works of art or love letters or anything when they are written by hand. Typing can be so cold.

I love learning new technology.. but where is the appreciation for the truly beautiful things in life? *sigh* Let's hope and pray typing doesn't take over..

Lindsay said...

I completely agree! The convenience and speed of email is fabulous at times, but nothing can replace a handwritten letter and snail mail. One of my very best friends and I talk on the phone frequently and of course have facebook, email, and whatnot, but we still decided after we graduated from college that we would send each other letters back and forth in the mail. I love it!

Holly said...

I love to write! I'm not that great at cursive, but if I worked at it I think it would be great. Mine is very curvy and bubbly and it reflects my personality. I love writing notes to people and I love getting them, I saved a lot of little notes from ex boyfriends but have finally parted with that box--a lot of the letters were from a serious boyfriend while he was at Army bootcamp, so those kinds of letters are really great to get! I will make my children write when I have them!

Charcoal Renderings said...

I am very much the same way. I love sending out personal letters to friends I see often or rarely see at all, just to surprise them and offer a personal sentiment from me that they matter and I love them. I also have a calligraphy set that I have built up over the past few years that I love to use, and I have always appreciated getting something in the mail that was made just for me, rather than a bill or a catalogue or a junk letter. I encourage you to keep on writing! Those addressed envelopes are stunning--that's how I like to send mine off, too! :-)

(I also enjoy practicing my writing... mostly experimenting with my signature. Nerdy much?)

Rebekah said...

I think handwritten notes are so important. They're so much more personal than an email. I wish my handwriting was as pretty as the writing in those pictures!

Betty said...

I choose fight to keep it relevant! And, I think the best way is to use any chance we can to share handwritten treasures. Sending letters in the mail and what not will only work to help show future generations how wonderful handwritten things are!

Jackie said...

There was a similarly written article in Philadelphia Magazine last month. Here's the link:http://www.phillymag.com/articles/the_death_of_handwriting/
I honestly believe cursive writing is a necessity in brain and learning development. There is a link between the formation of letters and long term memory.
Plus, it's so much more personal to have a handwritten letter then something via computer.

Sarah said...

I love my handwriting too! I'm the only person I know, other than my mother, who writes in cursive.

Amanda said...

Did you do write these envelopes?! (or postcards/wedding invitations... I can't tell what they are) If so, you have an amazing talent! I now know who I am going to ask to do my wedding invitations! Xox