Wedding Wednesday

In keeping with the theme of this wedding week...

And seeing as I am a former bride/wannabe wedding planner/just very opinionated...

I thought it was appropriate for me to present to all of you, the best wedding tips and advice that I have.

Number One: Use Wedding Wire as your digital wedding planner. 

I planned my wedding in that dark time, long ago, before there was the amazing website called Pinterest. At that time, I needed a place to keep all of my inspiration. Not only can you create bulletin boards with images that you like on Wedding Wire, but you can also save files and links there as well. In addition, it also has a budget calculator, registry manager, wedding planning timeline and checklist, a comprehensive vendor database with vendor ratings, and guest list manager {with reception seating planner}. I scoured the internet for the perfect planning tool and this is the one that I found.*

*Note: The Google wedding planner was not available when I was planning my wedding, so I don't have any experience with it. I would love to hear from anybody that uses it whether they like it or not.

Number Two: Stay away from The Knot message boards. 

I know I've said it before and I'll say it many more times, but this is for your own safety. Future brides are in a fragile state when planning their weddings, and they don't need a snarky former bride, who is probably bitter that their wedding is over, to tell them mean things. There are a few boards on there, like the local and month boards, that are great to use. But whatever you do, stay away from the etiquette board. If you don't believe me, see below.

{you can read the full forum thread here}

Number Three: Don't buy two buck chuck. 

I believe in budget weddings. My own wedding was less than $4,000. But there are plenty of ways to cut corners without it showing.

And in my opinion, buying Charles Shaw is a red flag shouting that the couple is cheap.

Chances are, if people drink beer, they don't care if it's Bud Light. You can make carnations and baby's breath look really beautiful in bouquets and centerpieces. Dessert only or cocktail receptions are all the rage right now, and you don't even have to serve dinner to everyone. Print your own invitations. Enlist your wedding party to help tie bows on the favors, or don't do favors at all. Buy used from Wedding Bee or Craigslist.

Don't get Charles Shaw.

There are plenty of nice wines under five dollars out there that nobody knows are under five dollars. Everybody knows that Charles Shaw costs two dollars a bottle. Go to BevMo and buy a few bottles of something else to try it. If they only cost three dollars a bottle, you can't go wrong. If you don't know your wine, ask a friend to try them and suggest something. Or ask me. I would love any excuse to try some new wine.

{If you had/are planning on having Charles Shaw at your wedding, please disregard number three...}

Number Four: Eat your dinner. 
I know of very few couples who got to eat the meal at their wedding. You are constantly being bombarded with guests who want to congratulate you and get pictures with you. Or you'll be too concerned trying to remember if someone brought the bags for the candy bar. Or you'll just be too nervous to eat anything. 
If you don't have a chance to eat at the reception, have someone pack it up for you so that you can eat it later. You paid for it, you might as well enjoy it.

Number Four: Get a smaller cake. 

I'm going to tell you something that most people, if they've been to a few weddings in their lives, know: people don't eat cake at weddings.

Let me amend that statement: Most people don't eat cake at weddings. Especially if you have an open bar, three course meal, candy bar, and chocolate favors. And let's be honest, a lot of people leave even before the cake has been cut. I have been to five weddings in the past year. I've eaten cake at two of them.
In my opinion, cake is a waste of money. Sure it's pretty, but most of it will be thrown away. My advice: get a cake that will feed about 75% of your guests. Don't pay someone to cut the cake because they usually do it per person. Find a friend or relative willing to cut the cake, and put it out for people to get on their own. Don't automatically put a piece at each person's place setting because it won't get eaten.


*     *     *     *     *
I think that is all the advice I want to give for today, but here are a few of my favorite wedding websites and blogs for you all to take a look at:

The Knot {everything other than the message boards is great}

Style Me Pretty {the ultimate wedding blog}

Wedding Bee {amazing classifieds to find used stuff!}

My Wedding {best wedding website options}

Here Comes the Guide {great vendor database}

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Isn't she the most beautiful bride?!

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What advice would you give to someone planning their wedding?

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Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

One of the things I'm MOST glad I did for my wedding was have a favorite restaurant cater instead of wedding caterers. At least in Santa Barbara, wedding caterers charge ridiculous sums, even if you're just looking at the minimum buffet offerings. I had our favorite Italian restaurant cater at half the price and everyone raved about the food.

Also, along cake lines, I'd suggest being willing to think outside the cake box if the cake isn't one of your priorities. It's uber expensive, especially if you want one that tastes as well as looks nice. We had cheesecake instead and I know others who've served pie or cookies or cupcakes. You can save a ton and I'm sure the guests don't mind so long as they get a tasty dessert.

Chelsea said...

Thanks for the advice! I have really enjoyed my wedding planning so far, but I am sure it is going to get stressful. xoxo

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

great tips! we are already planning on having a smaller cake bc we're getting other desserts... and i totally agree with you about 2buck chuck! xo

Meg {henninglove} said...

great advice you have for budget weddings! i definitely agree no two buck chuck and for sure eat your dinner!! And a smaller cake is the way to go, we did that and had cupcakes for everyone else so it turned out to be $1.50 for each cupcakes rather than $4 for a slice of cake, why is cake so expensive by the way?