Hi friends! I have a few announcements for you all today…


I’ve decided to start opening up my blog for sponsors.

Call for Sponsors

Please email me at joelle@whereweloveishome.com if you are interested in sponsoring this little blog here!

Twilight Fans

If you live in the LA area, are team Jacob {or just love Twilight}, and want to hang out with me for an afternoon, listen up!


I bet that got your attention, huh?

I have an extra ticket to see that beautiful face on Jimmy Kimmel Live on November seventh, and I would love to bring an LA blogger with me. Nicole Scherzinger will also be performing. Email me if you’re interested! The first person to email me will get the ticket.


Or I just want it…

<------------------ Take my little poll over there on the left. I want to know what you think.


Oh, and last but not least, my blog got a little facelift. Check it out and let me know what you think!




Julie said...

So many things to say! First, you'll have to let me know how sponsoring goes! I've been thinking about doing it recently. Second, I cannot WAIT for Mr. Lautner. Yum. Third, I adore your new design! It's beautiful!

Maegan said...

Loving the new bloggy design, so pretty!

I just emailed you, fingers crossed!


Stephanie said...

Love the new design and I like your new poll!

MarieHarmony said...

Many good news and updates! Wow, love your new blog design, sweet and fresh!
Poll answered - have a great day!

Carly Anne said...

I think it's looking just fabulous around these parts. Nice work, my dear.

Amanda said...

Love the new look! Definitely great with all the red. Also, how did you determine pricing for your sponsors? I'm going to start doing "Swap Sponsors" in November, but I also think I want to have paid sponsors too... Email me if you want, romaniello.amanda@gmail.com :)

Happy Thursday!

Alisha said...

Love the new design, hon! Congrats on opening up for sponsors!! Your sweet blog is growing up so fast!! :)

Robin @ our semi organic life said...

so cute! I love it!

Pamela said...

If I get my Etsy shoop going soon, I may take you up on that offer ;)