Ten Things

Ten things that made me happy this week…

Leopard nails


Homemade pulled pork sandwiches {with French fries}

Going on walks with the pup

Rachel Crow on the X Factor {she made me cry…}

Incubus tickets on Groupon

A girls’ day out

Panera {finally opened!}

My sweet husband

IMG_7670 - Version 3

Breakfast for dinner

Amazing blogs friends!


Julie said...

I am seriously craving some BBQ pulled pork now!

KellyMichelle said...

I love love love your nails! Is it fabric? And thanks for the encouraging words over at my blog. This weekend is going very much better than this week went.

Little Notebook said...

Hey girl, I'm a new follower from the Weekend Wander...I love your blog it's so cute!! I love this Ten Things idea, I think I'm gonna try it. The leopard nails are awesome. I'm also following you on Pinterest too and you can find me here if you want :) Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!!!

Tara from Little Notebook

Eliza said...

This is a lovely list! I take the time to stop and make these types of lists whenever I'm feeling down :) Hope you have a great week! xoxo

Jacque said...

Those nails are soooo cute! Hope you have a great week!

Pamela said...

Looove your nails!