Halloween is for embarrassing your dog


You know what is going to be even better than dressing my dog up as a lobster? Dressing my future child up as an octopus.


Pia said...

Oh my gosh, the dinosaur! I'm dying. This is too funny. And cute.

Mish said...

saw that shark costume for the dog yesterday at target! lol wanted to get it for my cat but it was too big..

Christianna said...

OMG, that first costume of the headless horsemen, made my day! What an awesome idea!

Mz E said...

theez are the cutest! I don't have a dog but I LOVE the first pic because sleepy hollow is one of ma FAV moviez! Thanks for coming by! *smile*


Kathryn said...

These are so cute!! When I was little, we bought a bride costume for our dog :)

Pamela said...

Love the giraffe costume!! haha!

birdie to be said...

hahah... these are hilarious!

Suze said...

these are too funny! and they make me sad that my cats won't stand for something ilke this.

Rebekah said...

Haha, I would love to dress Glenda up but I don't know what I would do for her costume!

Julie said...

Ahhh this is awesome!! I am dressing up my dog AND my cat this year. So much excitement around here! haha

Meg {henninglove} said...

oh i have a post going up soon with doggy costumes too but i much prefer your title halloween is for embarrassing your dog too true!! haha the chia pet one is my favorite

Jaclyn Kaye said...

The chia dog is TOO funny. Love it! My dog is being a zebra this year! She's going to hate me!

Can't wait to see your Halloween pics!!