My Own Space

I’ve been thinking a lot…

…about what it might be like to have my own space.

Or, my own “lady cave,” if you will.

{If that phrase connotes something else, it’s completely unintentional…}.


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What would be in your lady cave?


Suze said...

Beautiful! I love everything about this.

Mine will have gray walls. And definitely a chaise lounge. And glass tables.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Love your inspirations! I did a post on that a while ago but called it my 'mom cave'. My husband says the whole house is my mom cave, but I still think I need my very own special room :)

Sarah said...

I love these! Mine would definitely have a French feel.

Julie said...

Our 'lady caves' look very similar! Pink, white desk, chandelier...love it all!

Stephanie said...

I'll take a lady cave just like that one! It's beautiful!

Mommyblogger said...

Oh Wow- I now want a lady cave!!!!

Britt said...

BEAUTIFUL! I would love to incorporate more pink into our abode, but its not the husbands favorite color:(

Meg {henninglove} said...

lovely woman cave joelle!! how come that hasn't caught on a woman cave, is it because our caves are suppose to be the kitchen?? i revolt against that for a little bit then i will go back to baking :-)

Nicole Marie said...

LOVE it! So shabby chic and perfect for a fun loving girl. I live with a guy so this could never happen unless we had many extra rooms. haha

Nicole Marie

Lozzz123 said...

Hahah a lot of the time lately I've pointed out decorative things to my husband and when he doesn't like them I say: well it's just going in my special room then - which is pretty much a lady cave. Mine would definitely have a chandelier too. I think there would also be weekly 'pride and prejudice' screenings there too :P

Shannon said...

My Uncle refers to it as a "Hen Den", but Lady Cave is cute too. :-)

I love the french doors and pink sofa!

Emily Hope said...

Swoon - what I wouldn't give for a lady cave of my own!