Wine with Whitney

When I saw that one of my favorite wine bloggers was having a little class at her wine shop in Los Angeles on Tuesday, I just had to go. Whitney is so knowledgeable about wine, yet presents it in such a user friendly way. I’ve been listening to her podcast since it came out, and it is by far my favorite wine podcast out there. If you haven’t heard the Crush yet, you should go download an episode right now!

I learned a few things on Tuesday, like that I don’t really want to become a sommelier because the test is too stressful {true story} and that you don’t actually need to smell the cork when they place it next to you in a restaurant.

Out of the five wines that we tasted, I recognized the name of only two of them: pinot gris {which is also the same as pinot grigio, definitely didn’t know that either…} and pinot noir {which was actually a white wine from France}. They were all delicious though, and my favorite was by far the one from the Canary Islands {don’t even remember the name of it…}.

I’m pretty sure that Whitney thinks I’m kind of strange now, because I asked to get a picture with her, but that’s alright. I needed it for my blog!


If you ever find yourself in LA, you should stop by Domaine LA and say hi. They have an awesome selection of wines from around the world, and they are super affordable. Even for me!


Stesha said...

I Love wine!! This sounded like an educational yet super fun experience. I have been wine tasting twice and have had a blast!

Classic & Bubbly

Susi aka Sinead said...

Hello Joelle, thanks for visiting my blog some time ago, unfortunately your comment ended up in the spam folder:( I love Akismet but it's a bit TOO effective sometimes! How nice with a wine gathering, I don't drink much wine and I'm very picky but it's a nice idea. I love most Italian white wines though!

Robin @ our semi organic life said...

that looks like so much fun!