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I fully intended on writing a Wedding Wednesday post. I really did. But then, I got distracted by Taylor Swift videos on YouTube and figured that I still have two weeks until blogging is actually part of my job...so, you get a half ass attempt at a wedding post. 

But really, I have something exciting to share with all of you! I am now offering mini consultation packages for those of you who need a little help during the wedding planning process. 
From my website...
Are you finding yourself stressed and overwhelmed at the thought of wedding planning, and just don’t know where to start? Do you need guidance with the process of planning your wedding, but either don’t need or can’t afford a full service wedding planner? Do you want the creative freedom to find vendors and design your own vision, but need assistance with your budget or putting together your wedding day timeline? 
As a former bride, I know how much work it is to plan your own wedding without the help of a professional. You may find yourself second guessing your decisions, struggling to meet your deadlines and goals, or unable to come up with an overall vision for your wedding day. All of these things can contribute to the general feeling of stress and anxiety that comes with planning your wedding. 
As a professional wedding planner, however, I firmly believe that wedding planning can be fun! You don’t need to worry about every detail or decision if you have the right guidance and strategy in place. 
If you don’t think that a full service wedding planner is right for you, for whatever reason, I may have an alternative solution. I offer mini consultation-only packages, designed specifically for those who need help with a particular area of their wedding planning. With these packages, you’ll do the work, but together we’ll come up with a plan of attack for you to follow. 
Money Stuff ($250) 
Do you need help putting a budget in place and sticking with it? With this package, we’ll work together to create a comprehensive budget plan for your wedding, as well as prioritize your list of expenses so you will be able to find and negotiate vendors in a way that makes sense for you. 
The Money Stuff package includes 2 hours of consultation (via phone or Skype), as well as a detailed budget and action plan for you to follow.
The Last Minute ($250) 
Is your wedding rapidly approaching, but you don’t have a clue as to how the day is actually going to flow? This package is for those of you who have most of the planning done, but need help with the details. During our consultation, we will come up with a rough timeline for your day, to be confirmed by you with your vendors, as well as address any last minute issues or concerns that you might have. 
The Last Minute package includes 2 hours of consultation (via phone or Skype), as well as a wedding day timeline and action plan for you to follow. 
The Design Details ($250) 
Are you on Pinterest all day long, but find yourself overwhelmed with the all of the things that you love? Are you afraid that your vision won’t come through on your wedding day, or that it won’t be cohesive? With the Design Details package, we’ll go over your design preferences and vision thoroughly and completely. Once I have a detailed overview of what you’re looking for, I will create two potential design proposals that you can take with you when you meet with your design vendors. 
The Design Details package includes 2 hours of consultation (via phone or Skype), as well as 2 design proposals. 
The Whole Package ($500) 
Whether you just got engaged, or have been planning for a while and just feel stuck, the Whole Package may be for you. With this service, we’ll go over every aspect of your wedding planning, including the budget, your wedding planning goals, your design vision, and the details of the day, and create a planning strategy that is perfect for you. Together we’ll establish clear deadlines and deliverables that you can work toward at your own pace, and I will be available throughout the process for any questions or issues that might come up. 
The Whole Package includes 5 hours of consultation (via phone or Skype), as well as a detailed budget, wedding day timeline, and action plan for you to follow. 
The Little Things ($75/hour) 
Do you have a specific issue or question that you need help with? I also offer hourly consultation for those who just can’t choose the right package for them. Topics that I can assist with include: 
  • Etiquette and traditions
  • Ceremony planning and outline
  • Finding and booking your venue
  • Finding and booking vendors
  • General brainstorming sessions
Are you getting married soon, and feel like you need that resource to go to when things get confusing or stressful? Contact me for more information about these consultation packages! 

There are no real rules for Wedding Wednesday, I just ask that your post be wedding related it doesn’t need to be the same topic that I’m posting about. I also ask that you try to visit a few other blogs to say hi, and I would love it if you would use my button (found here). 


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ah! where can we link up? I don't see the usual thingy...

but YAY for all these options and your exciting new adventure!

Joelle :: Something Charming said...

Oh my goodness, and this is what happens when I don't check my email all night...I fixed it. Thanks for letting me know that it was broken Betsy! xoxo

Joelle :: Something Charming said...

That's so exciting about your new new service. It's definitely a great idea and something that could help so much during planning.

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