Best. Meal. Ever.

Need a easy-peasy {and delicious} summer meal? You’ve come to the right place.


Pork shoulder roast (I used four pounds for four people with some leftover)
Bottle of root beer
Salt and pepper
Bottle of BBQ sauce

Put pork roast in the crock pot and pour root beer into the bottom, up to about halfway up the roast. Season with salt and pepper on top. Cook on low for eight hours (I cooked mine for twelve, but it was done after eight hours). Shred pork with two forks and coat with BBQ sauce to taste. Serve with homemade hamburger buns.


2 large, sweet yellow onions
2 cups buttermilk
2 cups flour
Cayenne pepper
Salt and black pepper
Frying oil (canola oil)

Cut the onions into quarter inch rings and dredge in buttermilk. Combine flour, salt, pepper, and cayenne, and dip in onions. Fry in hot oil (350 degrees) until brown and crispy.

You’re welcome.


Courtney said...

i'm drooling. wow looks delicious!

Chelsea said...

Mmmm mmm mmm! Those onion rings sure look yummyyyy! Putting these on my list to make one day :) Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

The photography is amazing!

Holly said...

My dad makes amaaaaaaazing pulled pork with root beer too! And he adds in apple juice as well...it's so yummy, and you're making my mouth water with that pic! And those onion rings look awesome, too!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

omg DROOLING. i want that right now! and its 830am. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Rebekah said...

Oh yum! We love making that!

Moon said...

This must be something typically American, because I never had it in Europe before I travelled the US! Somewhere in Tennessee we had a GREAT pulled pork sandwich!! Yours looks great as well.

Sarah said...

My boyfriend and I made pulled pork earlier in the summer, and it was sooo yummy. Great idea with the onion rings - one of my weaknesses!

CarrieJo said...

onion rings!