There Are No Rules

I was reading a favorite fashion blogger of mine today. 

I'm always very impressed with her sense of style and her unbiased fashion commentary. 

Today, however, I was taken slightly aback. Make that very aback. 

I won't  name names here, and I won't give a direct quote, but the fashion faux she pointed out today didn't really sit well with me.

"Don't wear pearls and a modern dress."

I'm sorry. 


Apparently she didn't get the memo. Because there are obviously no rules when it comes to wearing pearls. 

{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8}

I got my first {and only} set of pearls for my high school graduation. I've been known to wear them just as often with a pair of jeans and a tank top, as I do with a little black dress, or *gasp* even a modern dress {and with lingerie, but that is neither here, nor there}. 

Do you own pearls? If so, do you follow any "rules"?

Didn't think so.


Betty said...

I TOTALLY agree with you! My only rule for fashion is: Where what you want and wear it with confidence! And, I wear pearls with ANYTHING. They are the perfect accessory!

inHERshoes said...

you have to remember that each blogger has a different perspective. obviously that is hers, keep doing what you doing and how you rock your pearls, if that is how you roll - be proud of it no matter what everyone thinks of the style. xx

Becca said...

The only rule I've ever heard (and subsequently, the only rule I abide by) with pearls is: wear them often.

Love all the pictures you posted - the Jackie O reference is such a classic! You hit many of the options for pearls, and I don't disagree with a single one of them.

Lisa said...

you know i have some and i never worn them... thanks for giving me an idea of what to wear them with!

xoxo Lisa

Rebecca said...

When it comes to accessorising, pearls are my staple go to if I'm stuck...they're classy, trendy, and their gorgeous neutral colour means they go with anything. Whether worn as a simple understated necklace or long strings of them draped over your shoulders, they can fit any mood, any look. As for modern styles in general, pearls add that special something without going over the top. I'd be pretty lost without my pearls!

Whitney said...

Pearls are classic and they go with anythng!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

i totally agree with you! pearls are classic! i have two sets (they are my birthstone) but i don't wear them as often as i should. xo jillian

Courtney said...

i actually don't own a pearl necklace but I am known to sport my pearl earrings pretty often..and no I don't follow any rules. You can never go wrong with a classic.

Carly said...

YES, THANK YOU! You're totally right! It's an old, old, old tradition to only wear pearls with formal, traditional, old-fashioned dress. Did I mention that's old fashioned and an old tradition? Bah.

I actually think wearing pearls with a modern dress is a fashion "do" rather than a fashion "don't!" I think it's totally rad to combine aspects of old and new.


Holly said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with wearing pearls with everything. In fact, I'm wearing a long strand of pearls today with a cardigan and brown capris! I think pearls make outfits look classy and cute--I follow no rules :)

Rebekah said...

I would wear pearls with my running clothes if I could away with it. I have a few different strands, but I love wearing them with everything! I say if you like wearing them and want to, put them with whatever you like.

Sarah said...

I abide by no rules when I wear pearls. They instantly make any outfit better!

Kaitlin Godfrey said...

Pearls are the jewelry I go to when I cannot find anything else to match...why? Because they go with EVERYTHING. classic.

Krista said...

My favorite image here is definitely the pearls paired with sweatshirt, black pants, and oxfords. Now I can't wait for fall to get here so I can recreate that..

sprinklesoneverything said...

I totally agree! Pearls are endless classic and will never go out of style :)