Guest Post: Jenni at Story of my Life

I have a super special surprise for you this beautiful Wednesday! Friends, I would like to introduce to all of you one of my blog idols, one my favorite bloggers from one of my favorites blogs ever: Jenni from Story of My Life. If you haven't met Jenni yet, you best be getting your butt over to her blog because I just know that you'll love it!

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Hello new friends!

Pleased to make your acquaintance, and pleased to be here at Joelle's sweet blog today!
Speaking of this sweet blog, I love the title of it: Where We Love Is Home.  And it's actually my inspiration for this post today! 

You see, I've had 9 different homes in my 24 years thus far.  I'm guessing that's above average for my age, though I don't know that for a fact!  My dad was in the military, so growing up, we moved around a lot.  I have no idea what it's like to put down roots somewhere and grow up with all the same kids and know everything about your hometown.  I've never really had a hometown--only a town where I happen to currently live!

So that little saying, "where we love is home," really rings true to me.
I've lived in everything from a mobile home to an apartment to a small house to a large house. But growing up, I never knew anything but love in my home, mostly thanks to my wonderful mother. And always and to this day, home represents love and comfort.

Now, as I've began to create my own home, I strive to keep this in mind. Home really IS where your heart is--much less so where you show off your status in life or your STUFF.

It should always be forefront in our minds to build the LOVE inside our homes above all else. To fix love where it's broken. To build love up. To accumulate it and perfect it like our most prized possessions.

STUFF can be lost in an instant.  We can't always carry it with us.  But love?  Love we can.

Come visit me at Story of My Life anytime! 
And thanks for having me over, Joelle! :)

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Thanks so much Jenni for guest posting on this little blog here! And I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday!



The Michelle Show said...

Great post! I have lived in 24 different houses in only 22 years!

Bree said...

Geez my parents have been in the same house for about 25+ years now! I only moved 4 years ago to go to school. My neighbors are like my like my 2nd parents (as they have been there just as long) and I would be devastated if they or my parents moved!

Chelsea said...

I'm so glad to have found your blog, Joelle! I love Jenni's blog too :) It's so true that home represents love and comfort and I hope that's something I can create for my future family.

Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

Sweetest. Intro. Ever.

Thanks again, Joelle. :)

Kathi said...

And, Jenni, don't forget military quarters, a stairwell in Germany... and under that cardboard box! Well, just kidding about the cardboard box... but Love does make a house a real home... without it it's just walls and a roof! Good...no GREAT... words!

Kristina said...

First off, LOVE Jenni. I have lived in 10 (6 of which with my husband) homes in my life, and once we buy a house of our home - hopefully, within the next year or so, another will be added to the list. Home is truly where love is. I couldn't agree more.

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

well Joelle, you sure chose an awesome lady to be apart of your swell space! Jenni is the true definition of love so it doesn't surprise me 1iota that this is what her focus of the post was : )

Jenni, the stories about your move arounds really trigger something heart touching to me. Sean grew up like this also and moved from place to place. his fams are kinda modern nomads so now we have our roots firmly planted here and he's made long term friends i see such a difference in his outlook on everything. no wonder your Mom represents home to you, she is one amazing lady! you truly are a beautiful bloom she's gracefully nurtured.

ah, love to the love this 100%!!!! ♥