{Virtual Coffee}

So. It's Tuesday.

What happened to Monday?

Oh, that's right. I was doing laundry. And making steak. And watching the {illegal} fireworks that our neighbors were lighting, from our apartment window.

It's Tuesday, which means that it's time for Virtual Coffee.

If we were actually having coffee today, I would ask you how your weekend was. Good? Full of family and friends and food, like mine? I had a wonderful weekend, and got to spend it with my family down in Orange County. Yesterday, Robert and I drove home and had a delicious Fourth of July dinner together, and watched some Lost. It was a good day.

If we were actually having coffee today, I would tell you how stressed I'm getting right now. I guess it's kind of pathetic, since I don't have school anymore, and work isn't exceptionally busy these days. I just have a lot of things in my life right now, and I'm having a hard time organizing the things I need/want to get done.

So, if I'm MIA for a few weeks, now you know why. I'm going to be lying low this week, and there won't be any Happy Hour on Friday {or probably any Friday in July}, but I've lined up a few wonderful guest posts for you all to enjoy in the upcoming weeks. I hope you like them as much as I do!

Here are the reasons why I'm taking this little "blog sabatical," as someone so lovingly referred to it:

*calligraphy for a friend's wedding {75 invitations}*
*too much purchased fabric and promised tablecloths for my mom and aunt*
*a business that I'm still trying to launch*
*multiple blog redesigns in progress {including my own...}*
*a strong desire to redecorate my bedroom*
*an organizational product to use and review*
*some goals to work on*
*my domestic ambitions {which includes my brand-spanking new bread machine}*
*two weddings in the next two weeks {I'm in one of them...}*
*too many blogs to catch up on*

I just need some time to figure things out and get into a routine. Don't worry, this isn't anything permanent, but I just wanted to warn you early. My little blog break won't officially begin until next Monday, but like I said, I might be lying low this week anyway. I hope you don't mind...

And I think that once I'm back, I'll have plenty of exciting and fun things to share with all of you!

I hope you all have a beautiful week!



Claire said...

i think it's great you're taking a little blog rest - sometimes your soul just needs it...
and thanks for coffee :)
do drop by and see if you want to enter my giveaway... x

Holly said...

I'm sorry you're a bit stressed, but don't feel like you NEED to keep up your blog for us!! For me, I use my blog as a creative outlet, and I like meeting new people and getting new ideas, but I don't feel like I *need* to keep it up every day. Everyone needs a break, you especially! We'll be here when ya get back :)

Jill said...

everyone needs a break sometimes! Hope u are enjoying summer :)

JessRaquel said...

I take blog breaks often, enjoy it!

Carly Anne said...

Once I had a professor who started our first class by saying, "The first thing you need to know is that it's the summer. And, what do you do in the summer? Not a G** D*** thing." I have lived by those words since. ; ) Enjoy your break!

{Amy} said...

ha- i SHOULD be taking a blog break myself and start working on the 1.5 million projects that need done around here : ) good luck getting it all done!

Kaitlin Godfrey said...

I feel like I am always taking a blog break...haha :)

Married In Chicago said...

Hope things are going well for you! I fully support a blog break, as you might have guessed from my own blogging vacation :) I've come back refreshed and I hope you do too!