Friday's are extra special days on this little blog here, because while we usually host Happy Hour, I also participate in a little thing called Friday's Fancies...maybe you've heard of it? Anyway, {av} herself has graciously accepted my request to do a Friday's Fancies guest post for me, and I absolutely love it!

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Happy Friday, Love is Home readers! My name is {av} and most days, you can find me blogging at {long distance loving}. Every Friday, I host a link-up called Friday's Fancies--for which Joelle has been a faithful poster! I'm so thrilled she asked me to fill in for her during her much-deserved blog sabbatical. I pulled this outfit together to celebrate her journey to be a domestic goddess--I hope you like it!

1) I love the spin on this Ray-Ban Modern Wayfarer Sunglasses. They've got a little more spunk than the Wayfarers I own and, in my opinion, would definitely lend to the pulled-together, domestic chic look.
2) Is there a better dress to wear for a day of errand running than this Splendid Rugby Stripe Dress!? I think not. It's cottony goodness and belted waistline make it a perfect choice!
3) Friday's Fancies is all about dreaming big...and even though this outfit is a bit on the relaxed side, I can't help but find a big and beautiful Leather Tote, like this one from Newbark, to hold all the goodies from the stops around town.
4) Adding to the preppy yet relaxed vibe, I spied this ASOS Leather Plaited Bracelet and thought it would be a great way to tie this outfit together. It is effortless--which is exactly how domestic chic should be.
5) I couldn't help but throw a little color in this get-up through these TOMS Coral Linen Classics. With all the moving and shaking required to get the job done, sandals just wouldn't cut it. And besides, who doesn't love coral?

I hope you enjoyed this round-up for a domestic goddess--thanks again to Joelle for having me on her beautiful blog! Be sure to stop by and see the other Fancies today...or even create your own! 

The sky's the limit :) Enjoy the weekend! xoxo {av}

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Thanks so much {av} for this amazing outfit you put together for me! You are the best!



Fabiana said...

Super cute outfit! Great combo of things...

ciao from Newport Beach

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

ah! i want another pair of toms :) great post! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Jenn said...

This is a really cute outfit! I really like the bracelet too :)
Happy Friday!
Jenn @ Going the Distance

Stephanie said...

I want that bag!

Emily Marie said...

I looove Tom's shoes, I need a pair! Cute outfit - have a great weekend! :)

Sarah said...

This IS a lovely outfit! Gotta say that I love everything about it. The dress is too sweet. And the color scheme is lovely. x

Mrs. T said...

Hi, there! I found you on 20sb... your blog is beautiful, I look forward to reading more! Hope you're having a great weekend!

joei said...

I love your blog! Everything is so pretty! Lets follow each other :)

Definitely, Maybe

Carolynn Cecilia said...

my goodness. i think i went to spend the rest of my summer in that outfit!

Kristin said...

That striped frock is so summer perfect!

make your own website said...

Wow. I liked your outfit very much. I think it's more lovely if I wear it. I like the shoes it is simple but elegant,and fashionable. It's perfect!