Hello friends! I hope you all had a fabulous start to this short, holiday week. Only two days of work left! I hope we can all make it…

Anyway, I have a few announcements for you this evening.

First of all, I’m hosting a link up starting two weeks from today!



Get your Christmas list posts ready and link up here starting December 5th. You’ll have all the way until that Friday to link up!

All weekend my mom was asking me what I wanted for Christmas, and it was fun telling her everything on my wish list. But as fun as it is to think of all the things that I’ll be getting Christmas day, I still can’t forget all of the people in the world who don’t have anything. Which is why I always like to give at this time of year, whatever I can.

This year, I want to encourage you to do the same. I have a little something planned, but first I was hoping to get a few sponsors willing to donate items for a special giveaway that only those who donate to charity can enter to win. Email me {joelle@whereweloveishome.com} if you are interested in donating!

Don’t worry, I’ll announce soon what this little plan of mine is.

Along with any items donated for a giveaway, I’m also donating all of the money that I make through sponsorships during December to one of my favorite charities. I’ll let you all know soon what that is too. So, if you are interested in sponsoring this blog during the month of December, visit my sponsorship page and email me. If you choose to sponsor for two months, all of the money, not just one month, will be donated to charity as well.

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And lastly, you may or may not have heard that I am offering blog designs! I already have a few clients, and I am so very excited to show you all what I’ve come up with for them.

Blog Designs

I just love doing blog designs, which is why I’ve decided to offer any blogger purchasing at least $25 in blog design {the cost of a header} a free 200 x 125 button {the small ad above} and a month of free sponsorship on the blog. Visit my designs page for samples of my work and email me if you’re interested in getting your blog redesigned!

Hope you are all having a beautiful night!




Maegan said...

I'm excited to hear what charity(ies) you donate to. We have a few that we give to regularly all year long, and even more so during the holidays. I will be posting about these charities soon as well :)

Looking forward to your link up!

Maegan ;)

MarieHarmony said...

Lots of great news there! I am looking forward hearing more about your plan......... would love to help as well.
Have a beautiful day and well done on all new ideas and blog designs!

High Heeled Life said...

Wonderfully inspiring post! I have added your Christmas wish list button to my side bar.. wishing you a successful party!! XO HHL

Christianna said...

Can't wait for the link up! And how awesome that you are doing so much for charity! That's just lovely!