Wedding Wednesday: Something Charming

I’m not going to lie, with the holidays and the stress of my mom’s birthday party, I completely forgot to get a guest post for Wedding Wednesday today. But I’ve gotten a few requests to feature my own wedding, so I thought that might suffice for this week!


What was the main inspiration you used when planning your wedding?

I don’t know that I really had any “inspiration.” I just knew that I wanted to throw a great party, something intimate and fun, on a budget, which I did!

What was your favorite resource?

When planning my wedding, nearly two years ago now, there was no Pinterest and I didn’t even know about Style Me Pretty. I mainly used the Knot and bridal magazines as resources.

What was one thing that you splurged on?

Our wedding was on a serious budget. Like, a really serious budget. But the one thing that we did splurge on was the In-N-Out truck. We could have just done a cocktail or dessert reception, but we felt like it was important to use to share one of our favorite things with our guests. I still hear, to this day, how our food was the best food that many of our guests have ever had at a wedding. Even the guys enjoyed it!

If you could describe your wedding day in one word, what would it be?


Old, new, borrowed, blue?

Old was a piece of my grandmother’s wedding dress that I pinned to the inside of my dress. New was everything, pretty much. I borrowed my mother’s and grandmother’s rings and tied them to my bouquet. And I wore blue shoes.

What is one thing that you will always remember about your wedding day?

I will always remember seeing everybody I love in one place, for us. I’ll also remember all the tears {happy tears, from everyone} that took place that day!

If you could change anything about your wedding, what would it be?

I was not nearly as wedding obsessed then as I am now. I can think of quite a few things that I wish I would have done differently, mainly d├ęcor wise. But in the end, it doesn’t matter that I made my bridesmaids wear brown dresses, or that I didn’t have mason jars anywhere. Our wedding day really was perfect in every way important.

Any advice for future brides?

Don’t worry about anyone else thinks, really. It’s your day, and the only thing your wedding “should” be is what you want it to be. I have a lot of advice for brides, some of it kind of harsh, but it’s really only my opinion. You can read some of it here.


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Erin said...

So I'm not gonna lie- that first picture of you in this post- the one of you up close.. made me follow you all these months back. I just thought it was the most gorgeous photo ever! Still do! You had a truly spectacular wedding and I know you are going to be the best event planner ever! So proud of you my love!

Hollie Ann said...

i want more pictures!! :) I love the in and out truck!

Jenna said...

I love that you guys are a true witness to the fact that you can have an amazingly memorable and beautiful wedding on a budget!

Also, I love it whenever you use that pic of you and Robert in front of the In N Out truck - it's my favorite!


MarieHarmony said...

This first photo is just so beautiful Joelle! I wish for you all the best in your new career, I am sure you'll do well, you have this passion that can turn anything into Gold.
Have a great day!

Noe said...

Awww....! The pictures are adorable...I still want more pics..
there's just something abt weddings that makes me ... happy :)

Jessica said...

What gorgeous pictures! Looks like such an amazing wedding and I LOVE the In-n-out truck--- definitely a great idea! :)

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

YAH! thanks for sharing your wedding story! the photos are gorgeous and the food looks delicious! off to check out your wedding tips for brides-to-be now! xo

Emma Frances said...

What gorgeous pictures!! Weddings are the best!! :) I LOVE that you had your mom and grandma's rings tied to your bouquet!

Stephanie said...

Your pictures are beautiful!!!

Christina said...

Beautiful photos! In N Out truck? I’m so jealous! The rings on your bouquet is so sweet. It looks like it was a great time.

Courtney said...

I love that you embraced your budget and worked with what you loved. because in the end it really is your day. by the way, i think we might be best friends considering In N Out was at your wedding..just saying!

Christianna said...

Your wedding looks lovely! And I freaking love that you had In N Out cater it! That was brilliant! You look amazing in your dress as well!

Carolyn said...

I linked up! :)

Your wedding looks amazing... and In N Out... YUM!!!!!!! Love that!!!

Britt said...

You look beautiful:) I LOVE the In-N-Out truck! so cool!

Eliza said...

Oh, wow!! So beautiful :) xoxo, eliza

Betty said...

Your dress was absolutely beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

KellyMichelle said...

I LOVE the last picture of you two. So gorgeous. I will take your advice for my wedding, I will be doing things our way :)

Chelsea said...

Okay, the day has finally calmed down and I can comment now :) I looooove that you had the In-N-Out truck!! I completely agree with you that you have to remember not to care what other people think. Looking back, you want the day to be about the two of you and if that means not having chicken, beef, or fish as an option for dinner, then don't do it!!

I think {thanks especially to Pinterest} a lot more people are staying away from keeping everything super traditional. They're not scared to add more personal touches. Oh, and your pictures are so gorgeous :)