Wedding Wednesday: Mandy from Love You Long Time

I am so excited to share with you all today the first post of a new type of Wedding Wednesday.
I’ve been thinking for a while of doing an interview series with some of my favorite bloggers, but I wasn’t really sure what to do. Then it hit me: I should do what I love!
Thus, the idea was born.
Wedding Wednesday
My very first Wedding Wednesday post comes from one of my favorite bloggers. Mandy from Love You Long Time is one of the most authentic and beautiful writers that I’ve come across in this past year that I’ve been blogging, and her wedding was even featured on Style Me Pretty! She’s always writing about the incredible relationship that she has with her husband, Kevin, and I just knew that I wanted to feature her for this first post.
What was the main inspiration you used when planning your wedding?
My main inspiration was definitely my surroundings. Having grown up in the mountains of Utah, I wanted the wedding to feel natural and earthy. I have always been drawn to glamorous things so I surprised myself a little with my wedding. All my husband (Kevin) and I really wanted was a party surrounded by the ones who love us most, enjoying the summer mountain air.
What was your favorite resource?
Style Me Pretty as well as other wedding blogs were my main resource. I was not into Pinterest yet, but I wish I had been! It is such an incredible source of inspiration, and would have made planning so much easier.
What was one thing that you splurged on?
Photography was where we allocated most of our budget for the wedding. I wanted beautiful pictures that captured our day perfectly.
If you could describe your wedding day in one word, what would it be? 
Old, new, borrowed, blue?
I borrowed a petticoat slip from my cousin and my dress was new. As for the old, I used this cowboy boot vase my mom had at her wedding. She hated those vases her mother-in-law picked out but saved one for memory's sake. I loved having that vase on my wedding day, tacky as it may have been. As for blue - I totally failed. Do my eyes count?
What is one thing that you will always remember about your wedding day? 
The ceremony in the LDS Salt Lake Temple was the most beautiful moment of my life. Kevin and I couldn't stop the tears from rolling down our faces. We were happier than we have ever been, and felt so grateful to have found each other.
If you could change anything about your wedding, what would it be? 
Our wedding dinner was hot. So hot that mothers with babies brought out umbrellas, and people made fans out of their napkins. An hour into the dinner a gorgeous mountain shade covered our area. I would definitely have started the dinner an hour later to prevent the heat. Other than that, I loved my day and wouldn't change a thing.
Any advice for future brides? 
Do what you want, it is your day - not your mom's day, or your mother-in-law's day. At the heart of it, (although it is easy to forget when you are busy planning,) it is a day celebrating your union. You don't like dancing? Don't dance. You think the bouquet toss is cheesy? Don't have one. You think wedding cakes are overrated and expensive? Have an ice-cream bar. I didn't want to look back on my wedding day and see someone else's party. To witness someone else's fun. I wanted it to be all ours.
{images courtesy of Allison C Photography}
I am seriously in love with this wedding. And wasn’t her dress absolutely beautiful!
Thanks Mandy!


Chelsea said...

Beautiful! I'm already loving this series! So glad you are doing this :)

Emma Frances said...

I love this. And her advice is just perfect! I love that weddings are changing now to really allow ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! You can start new traditions, ditch old ones you don't like, etc. It's the best! I LOVE this and can't wait to read more of these! You will feature your own wedding one of these times, right?!

Jenna said...

Love love love! Her dress is gorgeous!


Anne588 said...

I like the idea of not dancing if you don't want to. I'm not even engaged and already dread the dance:)

Katie said...

What a fun interview series you started! Love this, and I can't wait to read more!

Eliza said...

I love this series already! This is such a beautiful post :) Looking forward to many more Wednesdays! xoxo, eliza

BunBun said...

SOOO Gorgeous. Great way to brighten up a rainy day (love + lovely photos)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Idea! Yes you're right do what you love to do because you do it so well - the passion is there.
Love the wedding Interview Idea - and looking forward the next ones.

On today's Interview - So honest and true answers, the photos are gorgeous and the memories eternal I imagine.