Weekend in Review

This Thanksgiving week{end} was a good one.

Mainly because I looked cute.

photo 1

My husband said I looked like Audrey Hepburn on Thursday, which made me happy.

It was a good Thanksgiving, like I said. Full of yummy food {my stuffing this year was uh-freaking-mazing} and good times with family. We didn’t do any Black Friday shopping {for the first time in four years}, but I did see Breaking Dawn again {for the third time…}. Husband even went with me. He’s amazing like that.

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning our apartment and putting up the Christmas tree.

photo 2

We had friends over tonight, and I made chicken pot pie. It was pretty good, if I do say so myself. And they seemed impressed too.

I’m not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. But the countdown is on until my eleven day Christmas vacation. Until then, I have wine tasting, visits with my mom, chocolate tasting parties, holiday cocktail parties, and blogger get-togethers to look forward to. Hopefully they keep me occupied.

Here’s a pretty awesome video for your Sunday night.

Yeah, that’s my husband and his brother.

Be jealous.

{P.S…if you haven’t noticed, I changed my blog name}


Courtney said...

Cute, cute outfit! Sounds like you had a terrific restful weekend. I feel the same way about work tomorrow...Ugh. Good luck to your Monday morning :) I know I need it.

Emma Frances said...

You seriously do look like Audrey Hepburn! I LOVE it! :] I want to copy your outfit! Haha. And your weekend sounds like it was just perfect!

Christianna said...

Love that picture of you! You do look like Audrey!

Sounds like an awesome weekend, and an awesome month you have to look forward to!

Ok, that vid was pretty legit! I used to dance hip hop, on a little local crew!

Jessica said...

I agree with the husband, you definitely look like Audrey! Very cute outfit! And love the video, thanks for sharing!! And wait, chocolate tasting? This sounds like a great idea!

Jenna said...

That pic is very audrey-esque :)

And that video is pure amazingness - you husband and his brother have got some serious talent!


Mz E said...

yes, I DEF see the Audrey look! *smile* Soundz like a loving and ENJOYable weekend! Have a GREAT Monday! *smile*

Mz E said...
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Noe said...

Love the outfit, LOVE the Blog new look, and GLAD you had a good weekend ;)

Sarah said...

It's amazing how great a day can be when we are having a good outfit day. BTW nice name change =)

- Sarah

Sarah said...

Cute outfit. Looks like you're doing well!