A Charming Occasion is on Facebook!

Things are a little quiet in the blog world right now because of the holidays, and even I am having difficulty trying to find time to post. So, I'm shamelessly plugging my company instead...

My event planning company, A Charming Occasion, is now on Facebook!

I have some really exciting stuff coming up soon, like my very first photoshoot! Like us so that you can be the first to know about it.

You can also subscribe to my newsletter, to get additional articles and posts about weddings and other events. In the newsletter for January:

Hosting a resolutions party
A letter to 2012
How to reach your wedding goals for the year
Plus a few fun announcements!

Thank you all so much for supporting this little endeavor of mine, and happy holidays!


MarieHarmony said...

Happy Holidays Joelle! Don't worry, we are all pretty busy around this time. I see things are moving for your company and that's great! And I see many good things to come in January, looking forward to it!
Enjoy Christmas with your husband and loved ones! xoxo

brittany said...

well this is so exciting!! and happy happy holidays to you :)