First world problems.

I have a problem.




Two of the hottest men on the planet are currently competing for my attention. Not even in my dreams either!

The problem is that Robert and I get to the movies on average 1.2 times per month, and I currently have seven movies on my list.

Sherlock Holmes

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Mission Impossible

War Horse


New Year’s Eve

The Descendants

Someone please help me prioritize. I’m desperate.

I guess I know what I’ll be doing on my Christmas vacation.


MarieHarmony said...

I am not interested in them all, but I would do Sherlock Holmes first. I am sure it's a great one!
And then The Descendants, War Horse, New Year's Eve.........and the other ones. Seems like you are going to be busy!!

Jessica said...

I haven't heard about most of them- but I heard News Year's Eve is really good- better than Valentine's Day in my friend's opinion.

Courtney said...

i can't even contain how excited I am to see the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I loved the books and haven't watched the Swedish version yet so Dec 21st, you know where to find me

Kaitlyn Thatcher said...

I'm super excited to see most of those too!! I can't even contain my excitement for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I basically freak out every time the preview comes on. The only one I can see taking off that list is New Year's Eve. I wanted to see it but then I heard a reviewer say he had never hated a movie more than that one.

Eliza said...

This post cracked me up! Great pictures ;) I saw New Year's Eve...And I know most people thought it was lame, but I thought it was sweet and it got me in the mood for the holidays! It isn't a must see in theaters though, you could definitely wait and see it on DVD. :) Hope you get to see all your movies! xo

Christianna said...

This is not a problem! Both those gents are really dapper! Ummmm, I'd go with Sherlock, but the rest look amazing as well!

Guess I wasn't much help, was I?

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

The only one I've seen is New Year's Eve and I LOVED it! It was so sweet and happy and definitely put me in a great mood! I actually want to see it again! haha

A Lost Feather said...

hmmmm.. i think hugo looks pretty interesting! from what i remember after seeing some previews haha.. war horse looks waaaay to sad. i can't take sad animal movies.. or sad people movies.. sad movies in general haha

p.s i looove your blog design.. it's so pretty and neat!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

RDJ is looking gooood lately. Def want to see Sherlock Holmes.