Wedding Wednesday: Story of my Life

This week we have the amazingly beautiful Jenni from Story of my Life, talking about her wedding for Wedding Wednesday!

Matthew and Jenni-1521

What was the main inspiration you used when planning your wedding? 

Google and wedding magazines.  It was the Dark Ages before Pinterest (a little detail that deeply saddens me).

What was your favorite resource?

I frequented the Knot and various wedding blogs, but I really don't remember which they were now... so, I'm really no help!  But wedding blogs in general are fabulous places to find inspiration, as are good wedding magazines.

What was one thing that you splurged on?

Photography. It ate up about half of our already quite small budget, but I don't regret that one bit.

If you could describe your wedding day in one word, what would it be? 

Love-filled.  That's one word since it's hyphenated, right?  Our wedding was thrown together very quickly and there were a lot of things I would change about it if I could do it over, but I was definitely feeling the love that day, from both the groom and my family and friends.  And love is what it's all about. :)

Old, new, borrowed, blue? 

This is going to sound sacreligious or something, but I don't think we did that!  Or if we did, I can't for the life of me remember what they were!  Eek! 

What is one thing that you will always remember about your wedding day?

The catharsis as my new husband and I drove away from the reception in our horse-drawn carriage.  I started to bawl.  (Poor Matthew.)

If you could change anything about your wedding, what would it be?

This makes me laugh, because there are so many things I would change.  Mainly, I would probably change the timing.  Because if the timing had been different (I was planning during my last semester of college while the groom was living states away), it would have been much less stressful for me. 

Any advice for future brides?

 Give yourself plenty of time to plan, especially if you've already got a lot going on.  But DO NOT PROCRASTINATE.  You don't want to be running around like a chicken with your head cut off during the week (or even month!) before your wedding.  Also, I'd highly recommend hiring a day-of planner, if not a full wedding planner.  It's something I didn't do, but really regretted.  The expertise and experience of a planner is priceless!

Matthew and Jenni-1188

Matthew and Jenni-1416

Matthew and Jenni-1419

Matthew and Jenni-1471

Matthew and Jenni-1564

Thank you so much Jenni for giving us some much needed advice! And I definitely agree with the part about getting a wedding planner to help out with the day of. Just sayin…

Are there any questions that you’d like me to ask for Wedding Wednesday? If so, just leave them in the comments!


Emma Frances said...

What a gorgeous bride! :) I love these Wedding Wednesday posts!!

Kristina said...

She had a beautiful wedding! I always loving looking at other photos! We still get compliments on how beautiful our wedding was, but there are so many things that we would change looking back! :) I LOVE weddings.

Carolyn said...

Love this! :) Her wedding looks absolutely beautiful, and she gives some great advice!!

Faith said...

great advice and gorgeous wedding pictures Jenni!

Kendra said...

I love Jenni! Joelle, so glad you commented on "A Lost Feather" because now i am connected to your blog and loving it! Consider me sold, my dear. Let me know if you try those missing marshmallows :)

Elisabeth said...

beautiful - i do wednesday weddign detials over on my blog too - but sof ar i'vemostly just been giving all the details on my wedding..its so neat that you find other girls to feature though! love this idea :)
your newest follower,

Anonymous said...

I love following your wedding series, always a pleasure to read about other brides experience and see beautiful photos. Take care