Ginger cake and candy cane vodka…yum.

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We fit twelve people into our little apartment Saturday night for our Christmas party. I love throwing parties, and this weekend was no different. I made ginger cake, chocolate covered candy cane Joe Joe’s, chocolate and cranberry oatmeal cookies, peppermint bark, and candied cranberries. Along with all of that, we had the best cheese in the world, baked brie, rosemary bread, and pesto flat bread. It was delicious.

I infused candy cane vodka for everyone, and Robert made some yummy candy cane martinis.

It was a success.


Lost&Found said...

this looks amazing!

Stephanie said...

What fun! The candy cane vodka sounds delicious!

Eliza said...

This looks like so much fun!! I hope it was wonderful :) xoxo, eliza