Friday’s Fancies

Happy Friday friends!

This Friday is a weird one for me. I want to be excited, but since I’ve been home all week, it doesn’t really feel like Friday…

But it is, which means that I’m linking up with {av} for some Friday’s Fancies today! Even though our Christmas party isn’t until next week, I decided to go with the theme and create a look inspired by the holidays.

Fridays Fancies 1292011

{earrings, clutch, dress, shoes}

What would a Christmas party be without a fabulous champagne cocktail? You can read a few recipes here.

And can we please talk about those incredible shoes for a second? Love!

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To top off this post, I thought I would give you a few of my favorite links for the week. Enjoy!

Cant wait to make these yummy cranberry candies for our holiday party.

Have you figured out what your monster for next year is?

Adorable New Year’s party invites! I wish I were as creative as this girl…

A great December Activity Guide.

An interesting article about wedding etiquette. I’m thinking of posting my own take on this topic soon.

Love this quote.

Three easy business tips from the queen of wedding PR.

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Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Sarah said...

that green dress is beautiful! oh wait, i think i'm loving the whole outfit put together. those shoes are gorgeous! x

p/s: a giveaway's happening over my blog, do drop by!

Krystina @ Cup 'a Hot Chocolate said...

Oh goodness lady!! This is so classy and gorgeous. I love it all. Those shoes are so precious- i want them! And the clutch?! Yes! Love the jewel tone dresses right now :) Hope your friday is lovely!

Emma Frances said...

What a gorgeous dress! :] I need to go holiday dress shopping!

Sara Louise said...

The dress and those shoes are GORGEOUS! I'm absolutely in love with the color of that dress.
Bon Weekend! :-)

Nicole said...

That dress is great. The cut of it would be great on any body type- something I totally LOVE.

Laura said...

What a lovely outfit. The dress and earrings are beautiful.


Anonymous said...

i love love this outfit!

megs [at] Shine On

Julie said...

The whole outfit is fabulous! Love it.
I've made those cranberry candies before and they are a HUGE hit. They taste like a sour patch kid. Plus, they're gorgeous!

ms.composure said...

that dress is to DIE FOR!!! i would def LOVE to have that in my closet!



Christina said...

I love green and don't think people wear it enough. Everyone opts for red during the holidays, but this is perfect! I love the whole look!

Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

Love the outfit combo! The shoes are great.

And those NYE invites are amazing. Makes me want to find a reason to throw a fab party :)

Elle said...

How funny is it that we both picked the very same clutch for this weeks Friday's fancies :) The shoes are adorable too!

Meggan of Lila Grace said...

Love this whole look, Joelle! The shoes are amazing and I love the color of the dress!

Nikell said...

I love the colors! Those shoes and that clutch are so classy and chic!

Have a fabulous weekend,

JKT said...

Oh my! Love EVERYTHING about this! So great :)

Flora Fricker said...

Simply stunning! :) x


Roxy said...

The dress!!! Amazing!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

that dress is gorgeous and those shoes...swoon! your blog is so beautiful!

Lost&Found said...

That dress is gorgeous! What an amazing color!