{virtual coffee}

If we were having coffee today, I would apologize for once again changing up my blog design. I liked the other, but I was getting complaints about the pink being too small, and the proportions of the font I used in the header just didn’t work. So now both my blog and my website match, and all is good in the world. And all will be good in the world until I get tired of my design, which will probably happen next week.


If we were having coffee today, I wouldn’t actually be drinking coffee. I would be drinking hazelnut hot chocolate from Starbucks, also known as the most amazing drink in the world, also known as Nutella in a cup. So. Freaking. Good. And it would look exactly like that up there.

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you that this week is good. You know why it’s good?

Why Joelle?"

Because I have not one, but TWO client meetings this week! I’m stoked. And yes, I just said stoked.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you how desperately in love I am with that boy up there. I mean, the little marsupial too, but mainly the boy. He’s mine, and he’s amazing.

School can be rough, especially when you’re getting your PhD, and things have been rough for him since he went back yesterday, but I’m so very proud of him. I wouldn’t want to be married to anyone else.


If we were having coffee today, I would tell you to get your Wedding Wednesday posts ready for tomorrow, and link them up here. I’m not going to give a theme for Wedding Wednesday, since I know that everyone likes to post on their own topics. But get ready for some seriously awesome Wedding Wednesday posts this year. Like, seriously awesome.

Happy Tuesday friends.


Christianna said...

This weeks coffee date was great! I like your new blog design, it's clean and simple! And yay for client meetings! That's wonderful!

Eliza said...

Good luck to your guy this semester -- mine is in school as well, and I think supporting them in their work can be a full time job itself :) Love the new design, I re-did my design this past weekend! Have a great day! xoxo, eliza

Carly Taylor said...

Site looks beautiful :) I love the font. Very classy.
-Carly @ Createlive

Jenna said...

Wow! Your business is just taking off - I knew it would :) You are so talented!

And good luck to Robert with his PhD. I know the spot you guys are in because Jurgen just handed in his PhD in December. And... just so you know, it feels so wonderful now that it's finished!!!


jillian m. said...

Okay, did NOT know about Starbucks hazelnut hot chocolate, but will certainly be ordering that today (as a middle of the day pick-me-up)! You had me at Nutella in a cup.

Carolyn said...

Oh man! If I was having coffee with you, I'd be telling you how excited I am for your Wedding Wednesday link-up. And that your hazelnut hot chocolate makes me jealous, and that I should have gotten that instead of the iced coffee I always get. :)

Sarah said...

I've got a Wednesday Wedding post ready! :)

Have a great day!

Sarah said...

Oh, I love a good caramel hot chocolate instead of hazelnut, hehe. But it's still good anyway. :) Mmm. Throwing a couple of marshmallows in and causing goodness to overflow? Even better!

Love the new layout, J! I was also wondering what font is it that you're using for the text 'a lifestyle blog' on your header? It's lovely! :) x

Eliza said...

I like the new look! I follow you on twitter and saw the update :) I'm @TieDyeTequila, I think I couldn't tag you in a response b/c you don't follow me...? I'm not sure how most things on twitter work, so maybe there's a way around it. Great look, dear. xo, eliza

brittany said...

your bloggy looks beautiful!! and a hazelnut hot chocolate sounds fabulous. i've never had one!