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It would be nice to say “happy Sunday,” but I’m not the biggest fan of Sundays. Don’t get me wrong, Sunday evenings are my favorite time of the week, but it’s the thought of what will come after I wake up on Monday mornings.

Regardless, tonight was just as wonderful as most Sundays are. I made the most comforting food imaginable: pot roast and mashed potatoes, followed by leftover apple pie {which I made last night}. Sunday morning was spent at the flea market, in search for China and antiques and other fun things for my home and my photoshoot. I ate brunch with my best friend, who got home from Germany only a few weeks ago. The rest of the weekend was successful, with some great purchases, a mini home makeover, and fun times with friends. I even made Indian food last night {chicken curry and rice and raita and vegetables; naan wasn’t so successful}. I’m really hoping that this week is just as good as these past two days.

photo 1

{my favorite pieces from my new China}

Here are a few links for the end of your weekend:

A mini Alt recap. I’m telling you now I’m going next year. I am.
We all need to throw ourselves a pity party sometimes.
This couple just looks so happy. So beautiful!
This letter from a big brother is just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever read!
A great post about how to build your personal brand.
Low commitment projects? Sounds like my type of project.
I’m guest posting here with my best blogging advice.

photo 2

{I made these a while ago but just now put them up}

A look at my posts from the past week:

Monday’s mantra.
A few announcements, including sponsorship opportunities and my wedding packages.
Some advice for those thinking of starting a small business.
This week’s Wedding Wednesday has some pretty inspiration!
Have you entered my Anthropologie giveaway yet?
And, of course, Friday’s Fancies.

photo 3

{my new placemats from Target}

And now a look at the week ahead:

design :: blogs for Jenna and Betsy
figure out :: organization. I seriously need to figure this one out.
read :: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People {yes, I know it’s 90’s, but it’s also necessary}

photo 4

{that is a picture from Robert’s senior prom, six years ago}

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Christa @ the meandminebook said...

Girl, your style makes me smile!!
LOVE those placemats!!