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I have a very special treat for all of you today! Sarah from Fairy Tales are True has graciously agreed to guest post for Wedding Wednesday today!

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Hi!  I'm Sarah.  I'm a wedding stylist and coordinator out of the gulf coast of Florida.  I'm a big fan of the little things.  And just like with life, it is true with weddings as well - the little things make it.  I am attentive to details to a fault.  Sometimes I laugh at myself, my eye, my perspective... the things I find interesting and appealing for spaces.  For example, why do I love chicken wire?  I just do.  My friends giggle with at me over the things I just can't get enough of.  I am always on the hunt for something obscure.  "today I am looking for a 1950's doctor's bag ..." I will announce... they look at me like I have three eyes.  I really love finding something that's overlooked, has been hiding in someone's garage for 30 years, and discovering a new life for it.  I also love finding new and creative shops online.  Modern touches totally make my heart skip a beat. The blending of new and old is always appealing to me.  Nothing seems to look right all one way or the other.  Okay, maybe Versailles ... but I digress. Today I'd love to share with you about what is catching my eye on the design side and those little things that I'd love to incorporate into a wedding I style one day.  Not all at once mind you (:
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First up, Mercury glass.  I know this is nothing new... I've been seeing it in my mom's subscription of Victorian Magazine since I was little.  But I'm even more drawn to it now.  and lanterns!  I could picture trees covered in these babies.  The light it would cast - magic.
I love watercolor invitations. Oh My Deer makes the most gorgeous ones ever.  But no need to stop there - you can make it a bit more cohesive throughout the wedding with more watercolor touches.  Watercolor place cards, food markers ... i just love the romance and easy breezy-ness of watercolor.
This australian bride had these gorgeous varied apothecary jars.  Hello, favorite color family.  I love the soft turquoise you find in apothecary jars and the way they age gracefully.  I'm constantly on the hunt for these beauties.
Oh how I love ghost chairs.  I am crazy for lucite and these chairs are no exception. Chivari, you might need to look out! 
Just wanted to share a couple of the things my eyes have been drawn to lately. 
Thanks Joelle for having me! 
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Thank you Sarah for taking the time to guest post for me! And I absolutely adore every single one of these things, especially the watercolor! So beautiful.
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Jenna said...

Loving all of these! Especially the watercolor invites - gives them such a unique touch!


jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

the glass jars are amazing! so gorgeous. xo

Lauren Margaret said...

Such pretty, pretty things! I love all of these. Thanks for sharing :)