{if you really knew me}

I’m jumping on a bandwagon here, and posting random information about myself that you may or may not care about in lieu of Happy Hour this week. Because it’s my blog and because I can. Also, because I’m in kind of a funk and I thought this would make me feel better.


If you really knew me…

…you’d know that I hate taking naps in the afternoon. But I have fibromyalgia that’s acting up these days, and it’s causing me to be tired all. the. time. So afternoon naps have kind of become normal for me recently.

…you’d know that I am not an organized person my nature, so I have to try really, really hard to keep things together. I’m always looking for better ways to keep myself organized.

…you’d know that I want to be the perfect housewife, but I’m so busy these days that I barely have time to cook dinner. And that bothers me.

…you’d know that I hate exercising, and haven’t stepped foot in the gym since my pre-wedding work outs two years ago.

…you’d know that I’m extremely self-conscious, and am terrible at comparing myself to other people. As much as I try to convince myself that I don’t do it, I do. All the time.

…you’d know that I like to buy myself pretty and expensive things now because I never got them growing up. I don’t resent anyone for that, and I might sound like a spoiled brat saying it, but it’s nice to buy myself nice, new clothes after growing up with hand-me-downs.

…you’d know that I hate my hair.

…you’d know that I could eat Del Taco for every meal.

…you’d know that I could survive off of wine, water, and coffee.

…you’d know that I’m a daydreamer. I could spend hours just sitting in a chair, thinking about stories that I make up in my head.

…you’d know that I want to share my real story with you, and my husband’s story. But my family reads this blog, and that makes it difficult. Maybe someday.


Stesha said...

i love reading more about you!!! I could survive off of wine and water!!! happy weekend love!


Table4One said...

Water, Wine and Coffee...what a great trio :)

Kristina Streeter said...

I loved reading this post! I have been working a "if you knew me post" for like 2 weeks, it's so hard to do for me for whatever reason!

megan said...

Loved learning more about you!

Stylemindchic said...

I came across your blog at the perfect time today. Thanks for being so honest and sharing of yourself.
You are so genuine-great post!!
PS-maybe we should start the w.w.c club (wine, water and coffee) ;)


Anonymous said...

i appreciate exactly how you feel about the hand me down situation. that was my life as a kid too. it's certainly ok to 'treat yo'sef' in your adult life!

Have a fab weekend.

Quiet Luxury

siddathornton said...

These kinda of posts are my favorite - do them more often!

- Lauren

Nicole said...

Amen to the wine, water & coffee!

Shane Prather said...

I feel ya on the exercise girl! And I love your hair :)

xo Shane