{monday’s mantra}

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Mine was pretty great…opening ceremony on Friday, breakfast date on Saturday, and a trip to Los Olivos on Sunday. I also worked quite a bit, and have some fun things coming up for all of you on this little blog.

It’s the start of another week, so I have some inspiration for you to get through these next five days.

Monday's Mantra

I’m having trouble with this one these days. You see, I’m not really sure of what I love. I want to be perfect at everything, but as my wise husband told me on Saturday, I just can’t be perfect at everything. So maybe I should just try to do my best at the things I love most. Easier said than done, right?

What’s your mantra this week?


Moni said...

Definitely right! I love that mantra. Mine is "Say what you feel" its freeing.

Also, what font is that?! its lovely!

Danette Dillon said...

If feel the same way. I love different things of different days.

siddathornton said...

I struggle with this same thing. I can't wait til I decide what I'm really going to go after.

- Lauren

Betsy said...

so true - and when you have an interest in everything it can be hard to prioritize. but once you do, you'll feel so at peace!

megan said...

I, too, struggle with the same thing because I try to be perfect at everything and I get frustrated when I'm not.

Jenna said...

I'm in a similar space now... I feel like I'm interested in too many areas to become really good at one. Plus, I know what I'm doing now for work isn't what I want to do in the long run so although it pays well for now, I'm starting to get antsy about beginning to do what I love on a full time basis.

Hopefully it will happen soon :)


Amanda said...

This hits home with me because I'm not 100% doing what I love. Only partially doing what I love. More updates coming soon though ;)

Chelsea Coleen said...

such a cute idea :) love your mantra. hmmmm this week mine would be, lets see

"coffee helps me live" :)

Andi said...

It's not really a mantra, but it goes along with your comments. I'm trying to remember that I don't have to be the best at anything. I might be "just ok" at several things, but if I enjoy them, that's better than just ok! --visiting from Mingle Monday

Anonymous said...

You are so right! I definitely needed to see this because I haven't been doing that lately. Thanks for sharing!