{magnolia papers giveaway}

So, one of my very favorite things about weddings is the stationery. As a calligrapher, I always love seeing the designs and how people incorporate it into their wedding. Today, I have a really amazing shop for all of you, with some beautiful invitations and the cutest hand drawn maps!

Please meet Kristyn from Magnolia Papers.

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I really love how sweet her work is, and I so would have had her drawn a pretty map for my own wedding. Instead, she’s going to create a hand drawn map for one of you!


According to Kristyn, you can use the map for your wedding, to commemorate their anniversary, a map of all the places they've lived or even a map of a college for a graduate.  The options are limitless! All you have to do is the following:

1. Follow Kristyn’s blog, Carolina Fireflies via GFC.

2. Leave a comment below with your favorite things about the south.

3. Follow Something Charming via GFC.

The giveaway will go until Wednesday, 7/25/2012 and will close at midnight. Good luck!


Chrissi Holt said...

Sweet but forgive me for being dumb ! What is GFC ?! x



WIth Passion and Love

megan said...

SEC football, sandbar Sunday's, fried green tomatoes (and pickles! :) ) and sweet tea are my favorite things about the south!

I follow Kristyn's blog & yours! What an awesome giveaway!

Eliza :: Case Study said...

My favorite things from the south are fried pickles + my husband ;) I'm crazy in love with these maps! xo, eliza

Betsy said...

I follow Caroline Fireflies via GFC!

L.O.A.H. said...

New follower of your blog - love it already!

Ashleigh T. said...

My favorite things from the South are my Memaw, Blue Bell ice cream and boiled peanuts!
I adore these maps- so clever and creative. I'd love to give one to my newly engaged sister. She would frame it and hang it in their new house- I know she would!

L.O.A.H. said...

Follow Kristyn's blog!

Betsy said...

I follow Something Charming!

L.O.A.H. said...

I'd love this map to share for my upcoming wedding in September in Colorado. I have yet to go to the south and I'm dying too!! I want fried food and sweet tea and I love the accent. :) My fiance's mother grew up in Georgia so we will be having a lot of Southern guests at our wedding!

Betsy said...

I spent a summer as a Charlottesville VA resident, and LOVED how open and friendly everyone was. Even though I was new to town, everyone was so gracious and welcoming - I felt I experienced true southern hospitality!

Sarah said...

I'm not from the South but I read everyone's blog who is Southern and I would have to say I love the home decorating skills and food the best! I follow you and Caroline Fireflies with GFC. Thanks again for another great giveaway!!

Brianna said...

I follow both blogs!! I loooove football so I love the South's love for football! And I love the GORGEOUS homes!

preppylove said...

1. I follow your blog already via GFC!

2. I am now following her blog too!

3. My favorite things about the South are the manners, the football craziness, and porch swings!


ashlyn williams said...

i did it all :]

& what a great giveaway!
what i love about the south is football & sweet tea!


Restoration Harbor said...

Wow, Kristyn is great and so talented! We live in Gulf Shores and are in love with the south. The powdery sand beaches, "glistening" (never sweating!), and of course, SEC football. My Alabama husband married an Auburn girl- makes for an "interesting" Iron Bowl party!

Would love one of these lovely maps for an anniversary present to him~

Thanks, y'all!
Laura and Blakeley

Courtney Hurst said...

It would be lovely to have a map for my wedding in October!

I love being southern, especially: Texas Longhorn football in the fall, the word "y'all", and grooms cakes.

I now follow both blogs - so glad I found them from Pinterest!