I need more space.

Our apartment is 758 square feet. It’s not so bad, especially since we have two bedrooms.

But I dream of the day {hopefully next year} when we get to move into another apartment {or house or condo}.

Hopefully with my own washing machine. And a bigger kitchen. And somewhere that doesn’t back up to the train tracks…

But one of the main reasons why I feel like I need more space, is because I don’t have room to do a lot of the projects that I want to try to do. Robert and I have redone a lot of furniture, including our TV stand, dining room table, and our dining room chairs. We did all of these at my parents’ house, before we moved.

I’m not one to go to a furniture store and say “I want that matching set.” I like hunting for my furniture, and imagining what I can do with it.

If I had the space, I would be trying these projects:

I desperately want striped curtains, and all the striped curtains on Pinterest were made by painting stripes on Ikea curtains! It sounds so easy, but I don’t even have room to do that.

And I definitely have a dresser that looks just like that blue one up there, but isn’t painted. It is hideous, and I need to either {a} get rid of it or {b} paint it. If it would look like that one, I would paint it in a heartbeat! Let’s see if I can handle keeping it until we move in May…

Are you all DIYers? Do you like to paint furniture, or is it just too much hassle for you?




Anonymous said...

I pinned those painted curtains a couple weeks ago, aren't they amazing? I just don't think I can pull of a DIY like that (I can't pull off many DIYs).

And I love that green door table, awesome!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Very pretty...love the striped curtains...and that green table is awesome!

Anonymous said...

The last one is awesome! Would love it!
I am sure I would be a great fan of DIY but I never had a chance to try my hands at it, cause I never had enough space that would allow me to do this - always too small.

birdie to be said...

I love that outdoor shelf. Looks lovely & easy to diy!

Amanda said...

That door table is AWESOME! I'm not sure what color I would choose to paint it, but it's awesome.

Life With Lauren said...

I want the door table! That is amazing! Hope you can get your bigger space soon!

Sarah said...

I love the blue dresser. It's an amazing color!

Catherine said...

I feel your pain! My apartment is also small. But I'm also kind of scared of DIY, ha! I just painted the frame on a bulletin board of mine and I was so proud of myself.

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