What I’m Watching

I’m sure you’ve all found a few good shows this season so far. Robert and I aren’t really known to follow shows too often, but I've watched the pilots of three new shows so far this season and I’m impressed!

I know, I know. It’s a terrible, terrible show. And it actually didn’t get the best ratings, which I think is surprising. But I love the concept {and I really hope they present it in a tasteful way…}. There’s just something about that era that I adore, which is why I’m also obsessed with…

I. Loved. This.

Oh my goodness, their outfits and makeup and hair and everything…I was seriously impressed. I really enjoyed the storyline too; it wasn’t too confusing at first, and that whole “spy” thing kind of got me hooked. 
Excited to see where this will go!

I thought this show was cute, but with Zooey Deschanel, it’s kind of impossible not to be. She’s freaking adorable, and absolutely hilarious. I like the premise of the show too!

What have you watched so far? Anything good?


Raze Havoc said...

Terra Nova starts tonight, hopefully it's good

KY said...

I LOVED the Playboy show! I caught the first episode the other day and completely agree with you about adoring that era! I hope the show doesn't get cancelled bc I will be totally bummed. Looking forward to catching up on Pan Am as well!

KY@ http://travel-babbles.com

Stephanie said...

I watched Pan Am last night and it really makes me wish I could have been alive back then. So much fun! I have Whitney on the DVR and I still need to check that out and see how it is!

Katie said...

We just started watching Person of Interest (on CBS) and are really excited to see where it goes!

Heather said...

I loved The New Girl! I've also enjoyed Up All Night & Free Agents.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I love The Playboy Club. I think I'm falling in love with Eddie Cibrian lol :)

I also love all of the WB shows like Hart of Dixie (I actually got to meet Rachel Bilson and go on set for Hart of Dixie! Blogged about it yesterday lol)!