{friday’s fancies}

Happy Friday everyone! Thank goodness it’s the weekend…I don’t know if I can handle another weekday. It’s been a pretty rough week, due in large part to my ever changing emotions, but I’m finally feeling a little bit better. I know I haven’t been the best blogger this week, and I apologize. I’m actually feeling really inspired right now, especially to blog! And I’m really looking forward to what the next few weeks have in store for me.

This weekend is busy, as usual. We are proctoring the SATs tomorrow {boring, but it’s extra cash}, and Sunday I’m heading down to Orange County for a friend’s bridal shower.

Friday's Fancies

{shoes, dress, sunglasses, bag}

The weather around these parts has been strange, but I’m really feeling the bright colors for this week’s outfit. Maybe it’s because I’m feeling happy enough to wear it, finally?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! And be sure to stop by later for Happy Hour!


Roxy said...

Adorable Dress! Such a cute look!! I still owe you an email. I am sorry! It is coming I promise!! Have a good night !

ashlyn williams said...

absolutely adore that dress! & have a great time at the bridal shower :]

xx.a shlyn

Jessica @ O. Alouette said...

Very cute and classy! I love the dress :)

Jessica @ O. Alouette said...

Very cute and classy! I love the dress :)

Christianna said...

Awesome dress and I love how the other pieces are totally different colors, it's so cute!

siddathornton said...

precious, precious dress! i love the mustard pop with the shoes, too. absolutely perfect. happy friday - i hope you have a lovely little weekend!

- l

Anonymous said...

It feels like spring is already there for you, how sweet! I will have to wait a bit to wear this lovely dress thought, we are back in Autumn here!

Have a great week-end Joelle!!x

Candice said...

Everything about his outfit is classic and classy! I would wear it in an instant!! Love it!

Lindsey Anne | pinklet and c said...

Hi! I found your blog on FF and i love it! This is such a cute outfit. I'm glad to be following along on your blog now! Can't wait to read through your posts! Enjoy your weekend.