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1. Do you like my bow? I got it from Melanie Lea.

2. I’m taking chances these days, and it’s fun. I wrote down a list of some people who inspire me, and have already gotten a really amazing response. So far, I’ve met Kelly for drinks, and I just got an email back from the Everygirl today. Big things are happening people.

3. Life is good. Mostly. I’m feeling very positive these days. And I’m trying really hard not to let those nasty negative thoughts into my brain. It’s kind of working.

4. I got a raise. So that’s cool.

5. But I’d still like a few more clients.

6. My husband got a job bartending for the summer! I don’t think I told you yet, but he just started. This is good news. It means we won’t be starving for the next three months.

7. My best friend works at the Reagan Library and they just brought in goats to clear the brush from the side of the hill. There are babies and they cheer me up.

8. I’d still like to send my sister to summer camp.

9. We had a great Mother’s Day, and I made chicken salad. Even my dad ate it, which is saying something.

10. I’m looking forward to seeing friends on Saturday, trying my hand at floral design this weekend, and sending out a calligraphy sample tomorrow.

11. Also, my dog is still cute.


Stephanie said...

Congrats on your raise! That calls for a celebration! Have your husband make you a fun cocktail!

Jenna said...

I saw your tweet about the response from the Everygirl... Congrats!!! That is amazing... and it sounds like you're having a great week in general! So happy for you :)


Jillian said...

When I worked at the Getty off the 405 we would "hire" goats for our brush clearance too! They are so cute. =)

Lauren Bird said...

I am so excited about your beautiful blog! I just found it and became a new follower!