{happy hour: kristen from confessions of a gds}

It’s Friday afternoon, which means that I have another lovely blogger here for you to share a drink with!

Kristen CGDS




It's all about me and my adventures through graphic design school! You get to know it all- my achievements, my projects, my meltdowns, and everything in between.


I'm assisting a real estate agent part time for now checking contracts, getting signatures, and harassing people to do their job! However my dream job is running my own graphic design shop- blog design, custom portraits, printables, etc. I can't wait to make this dream a reality!


Gooood question... I really would love to go crazy on a shopping spree, or take a trip down to Vegas or something, but to be honest these student loans are nuts and I'd rather just start paying things off! I know, lame sauce.


My hometown of Bristol, Connecticut! It's taken me a while to realize I'm a total homebody and very comfortable in my roots. I'd take home over a tropical resort any day!

Favorite Blogs

I have sooo many! I would have to say I'm always checking in on Aunie Sauce, in awe over The Wonder Forest, entertained by Tom's story at My World in Crisis and get my humor fix with Hope Squared.

Thanks so much Kristen for joining us for Happy Hour! And I hope all of you go check out this wonderful woman’s blog!


Robin @ our semi organic life said...
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Robin @ our semi organic life said...

I love these posts! How can I be on one?

Kate said...

Yay, Kristen is awesome! And I can totally relate on the realtor front, my mom is one and I'm designing a flyer for her this afternoon, haha :)

Emily Hope said...

I wish I was REALLY enjoying happy hour with Kristen!!! We'd be chatting about music, swearing like truckers and giggling like school girls. Great feature.

Brittany said...

I love Kristen's blog, and even more so now when she included a picture of my favorite wine. Yum!

Kristen @ Confessions of a GDS said...

Thank you for the feature and all these lovely comments! It makes me want to all hang out with all of you and have a REAL happy hour... can we please please pleeeease?

caviar taste said...

I love this series!