{five things}

And it's Friday! It's been a busy, busy week. Apparently it's booking season now, because I've spent the majority of my past few days on potential client meetings and proposal writing. So thankful right now! And now it's just a waiting game...so I'm crossing my fingers, knowing (hoping) I'll hear back soon. 

This weekend is going to be pretty relaxing, and Sunday is my first calligraphy party at my studio! Everyone wants to learn, and though I don't know that I'm the best teacher (since I don't have any formal training), I figured we can all get together and just have fun.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite links and posts from the past week. Hope you have a great weekend!
1 // Isn't that dress above amazing? There's a reason I'm obsessed with Southern weddings!

2 // Loved this! Unhelpful life lessons from Pinterest.

3 // This couple puts all of their fights on Twitter. Definitely puts things in perspective, don't you think?

4 // And another one from Buzzfeed. I can't be the only one who can get lost on that site for hours, right?

5 // One of the reasons I love Lauren's blog is because she isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Here are six things your wedding guests will most definitely not appreciate. 


Joelle Duff said...

i hope you hear some good news soon! ...and yes, i love buzzfeed too! have a great weekend xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Joelle Duff said...

love the pinterest lessons - hilarious! i can literally waste over an hour of time on buzzfeed, it's so hilarious. thanks for sharing these. have a great weekend!

Joelle Duff said...

I'm blind as a bat, and am laughing so hard over that Buzzfeed article. Yay on getting new bookings - funny story but I think one of my older sister's good friends has you as her wedding planner. She showed me her friend's proposal video and I saw it in your archives, and thought, "wait that looks so familiar..." :) Small world!

Joelle Duff said...

I loooove Buzzfeed! It is such a time suck! I'm clicking over to read that article right now! Thanks for sharing!